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New Children's Bolo Bracelets

The New Year is underway and we wish all our valued customers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.  We have been busy here, restocking favourite children's jewellery styles, hunting out new styles and, our biggest news, after 4 years, we're building a new website!  Due to go live in approx 2 weeks!  Getting used to the new format will be my next chore, until it becomes second nature.

Since the Christmas rush, which took a huge toll on our baby and children's earrings, children's rings and children's hypoallergenic jewellery categories in particular, but also our baby and children's bracelets and bangles and necklaces, we've been restocking!  I love restocking.  A chance to make available our biggest sellers and find new styles to keep the site fresh.

Just before Christmas, we decided to enlarge our children's hypoallergenic earrings category.  We have found there is a real need for these and to that end, we've extended our range, not only of surgical steel children's earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but also the first of our Titanium range has arrived.  If your little girl is sensitive to metals, even sterling silver and gold, she need not miss out on beautiful jewellery styles.  Just do a search for Surgical Steel or Titanium and feast your eyes!

In 2018, we discovered two new suppliers of sterling silver children's jewellery and this year, we intend to stock some new styles. We already have our new bolo bracelets.  These are a new style of ajustable children's ID bracelets, which are adjustable from very small to very large, so fit everyone, including adults!  We have them in sterling silver and absolutely gorgeous kids' styles in surgical steel.  Check them out.  They are very affordable and the latest syling for any Modern Miss.


Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Bracelets and Baby Anklets

19/09/2018 11:35:36 AM

Baby Bracelets starting life as baby anklets


Very often people purchase a larger size baby bracelet than Newborn in the hope the baby girl can get longer wear from her new jewellery.  This is such a great idea because, even though she may not be able to wear her new bracelet, she can wear it initially, as a baby anklet.  A baby's ankle is larger than her wrist, so until she grows a little, we think its a great idea for her to wear her bracelet as an anklet.


Baby Jewels has a range of baby bracelets which we advertise as anklets, to become bracelets!  This ensures a much longer wear, often for over 2 years.  This makes great sense!


Check out our range of baby bracelets/anklets and let them do double duty for the little girl in your life.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Surgical steel children's earrings

Many parents feel their children have a sensitivity to even sterling silver and gold.  Sometimes, it's a slight infection in newly pierced ears, but other times it can be a genuine hyper-sensitivity.  This is disappointing to a child who's been patiently waiting for her ears to heal so she can wear some of the beautiful children's earrings available.  


But now, there's no need to be disappointed.  Surgical steel, hypoallergenic children's jewellery has arrived and Baby Jewels has oodles of beautiful surgical steel children's earrings from which to choose her dream earrings. 


Some are so highly polished it's impossible to tell them from sterling silver, and some can be coated with gold and rose gold in a process called Ion Plating which is super-durable, unlike conventional gold plating.  The gold plated surgical steel items may, of course cause problems if the child indeed, does  have an allergic reaction to those metals.  In this case, these children should wear only the bare surgical steel earrings.


Currently for genuinely sensitive children, we now have children's earrings, children's huggies, children's necklaces and children's bracelets and even one anklet in surgical steel.


Pop in and do a search for "surgical steel" and choose something she will love!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Tree of Life Jewellery

26/05/2018 1:29:31 PM

Tree of Life bracelet in sterling silver

Tree of Life Children's Earrings

For many of us, knowing our family history has become increasingly important.  Never before has it been as easy to discover the history and the many branches of our ancestry than today, thanks to the internet.  At the same time, our current family and its various branches has taken on a new awareness, with a well-known symbol:  the Tree of Life.  Today, we can purchase Tree of Life posters, Tree of Life t-shirts, and Tree of Life Jewellery.

Children understand the significance of family and the meaning of the Tree of Life symbol, and today, they can enjoy wearing a piece of Tree of Life children's jewellery.  A beautiful, highly polished, sterling silver ball bracelet with Tree of Life charm or perhaps Tree of Life children's earrings?

For a more meaningful gift, consider Tree of Life jewellery for the thoughtful child.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's Birthstone Jewellery

21/04/2018 2:05:20 PM

Amethyst and sterling silver children's bracelets


Another very helpful list from a supplier for those who wish to give a more meaningful gift to the girl in your life, on her birthday:


"Different meanings have traditionally been assigned to each gemstone for many years. The following list makes gifting a little girl something meaningful to her birth month for her first birthday quick and easy!

January Birthstone: Garnet -symbolizes loyalty and good luck.

February Birthstone: Amethyst -represents peace.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine -represents courage and strength.

April Birthstone: Diamond -symbolizes everlasting love, as well as purity and innocence.

May Birthstone: Emerald -symbolizes love and fertility.

June Birthstone: Alexandrite -a symbol of joy and balance.

July Birthstone: Ruby -represents beauty and love.

August Birthstone: Peridot -also stands for strength, joyfulness, and protection.

September Birthstone: Blue Sapphire -stands for purity and wisdom.

October Birthstone: Pink Sapphire -symbolizes strength and endurance.

November Birthstone: Amber -stands for love and affection. It is also believed to bring wisdom and strength when worn.

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz -believed to be a symbol of success and also protects the wearer from harm."

Currently we love our birthstone baby and children's bracelets, baby and children's earrings and baby and children's necklaces, at Baby Jewels.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

What is Gold Filled?

21/04/2018 1:55:19 PM


Gold Filled baby and Children's Screw Back Earrings


A question I am frequently asked is, "What exactly is 18k gold filled?"  Many years ago, it was called Rolled Gold.  These days you can find both gold filled and silver filled jewellery in jewellery chain stores.  It looks exactly like gold, but wears far longer than gold plated.  Baby Jewels now has yellow gold filled baby and children's screw back earrings as well as white gold filled screw back earrings.  Here's what a manufacturer says:


"Considered the very best in jewelry finished apart from solid gold, silver, and platinum, gold-filled jewelry, also known as "rolled gold", consists of a SOLID layer of gold that is bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. To the naked eye, our quality 18k gold filled jewelry has the same appearance as solid 18k gold, and is far more durable than gold plated jewelry, even with daily use, our nickel-free 18k gold-filled jewelry is a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. As a general rule, if you are able to wear 18k solid gold jewelry, you will likely not have an issue with our advanced, quality gold filled process.

It is important to highlight that earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and jewelry sets made of gold filled 18k are perfect for young children, girls and babies since they have even the same quality as solid gold 18k, cost less than a third of solid gold 18k, they are nickel-free products and they have an hypoallergenic protection."


I hope this answers some of your questions.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's baby bird bracelet

Often, customers buying baby bracelets, buy a larger size to ensure longer wear.  Very often these too-large baby bracelets or children's bracelets can do double duty by at first, being worn as a baby anklet.  Later, when baby grows out of her anklet, she can wear it as a bracelet!  So if you're not concerned about buying a newborn bracelet to fit her immediately, then look for a suitable children's bracelet or baby anklet that will eventually be worn as her bracelet.  

Baby anklets have become enormously popular over recent years, particularly for babies born in the warmer months.  Nothing cuter than a pretty anklet on a barely clad baby, in Summertime!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Christmas Gift Boxes

28/10/2017 11:24:13 AM

Christmas gift boxes

Once again, we approach the busiest time of year, which culminates in the happiest day of the year - Christmas Day.  As in other years, many choose a special piece of jewelry for a loved one - including babies and children.  With more to choose from than ever before, we approach the season of giving with the best range of children's jewelry, including children's earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, charms and chains and special gifts of baby bracelets and bangles, earrings, necklaces, and anklets.  


Looking for a keepsake gift?  Something she will wear now and keep perhaps for the next generation?  Look for classic, or traditional styles that never go out of fashion.  Looking for a fun gift?  Cute and quirky children's screw back earrings or push back earrings would top the list for fun gifts.  We have baby screw back earrings also.  This year, give her something she'll really love!


Happy shopping!


Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Just Arrived, New Baby Bracelets

17/07/2017 6:33:11 PM


Pearl Baby Bracelet

Plus some children's bracelets also. A new US supplier, we tested out, which is always a risk but this time, one that paid off. Stunning pearl baby bracelets, for newborns and baby Christening gifts, keepsake gifts, and a couple of luxury items.

Do you prefer natural freshwater pearls or the perfection of Swarovski pearls? We can't decide. Our new range contains both, and are matched up with lead-free crystals from Swarovski for baby's safety. All sport generous extenders for growth, to ensure they get maximum wear from their little bracelets.

Did you know that pearls denote purity and innocence? This is why we love pearls for babies and children.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

The Ever Popular Children's Locket

07/05/2017 3:42:39 PM

Sterling silver children's locket



Children's locket necklaces have been popular for decades. Recently I saw an online exhibition of children's jewellery through the generations, and was not surprised to see children's bracelets and baby brooches were popular centuries ago. For those lucky enough to possess such items, they must have been dearly treasured.

These days, baby bangles are more popular than baby bracelets. Times change and fashions change.

Among the long-standing favourites were children's locket necklaces. I was interested to see that the styles now are very similar to the styles that were popular generations ago. Very little has changed, although these days, lockets are more commonly seen in sterling silver than gold.

Lockets come in all shapes or sizes, ovals, rounds, heart-shapes, even squares. They can be worn by all ages, including adults.

Lockets can carry a precious photo, trimmed neatly to fit the shape of her locket, close to her heart. Lockets are more likely to be stored away as a keepsake family heirloom than any other type of children's jewellery. Sadly, the photos do not last quite as well as the everlasting locket.

Give her something she'll really love, something she'll treasure forever.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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