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Children's baby bird bracelet

Often, customers buying baby bracelets, buy a larger size to ensure longer wear.  Very often these too-large baby bracelets or children's bracelets can do double duty by at first, being worn as a baby anklet.  Later, when baby grows out of her anklet, she can wear it as a bracelet!  So if you're not concerned about buying a newborn bracelet to fit her immediately, then look for a suitable children's bracelet or baby anklet that will eventually be worn as her bracelet.  

Baby anklets have become enormously popular over recent years, particularly for babies born in the warmer months.  Nothing cuter than a pretty anklet on a barely clad baby, in Summertime!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Christmas Gift Boxes

28/10/2017 11:24:13 AM

Christmas gift boxes

Once again, we approach the busiest time of year, which culminates in the happiest day of the year - Christmas Day.  As in other years, many choose a special piece of jewelry for a loved one - including babies and children.  With more to choose from than ever before, we approach the season of giving with the best range of children's jewelry, including children's earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, charms and chains and special gifts of baby bracelets and bangles, earrings, necklaces, and anklets.  


Looking for a keepsake gift?  Something she will wear now and keep perhaps for the next generation?  Look for classic, or traditional styles that never go out of fashion.  Looking for a fun gift?  Cute and quirky children's screw back earrings or push back earrings would top the list for fun gifts.  We have baby screw back earrings also.  This year, give her something she'll really love!


Happy shopping!


Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Just Arrived, New Baby Bracelets

17/07/2017 6:33:11 PM


Pearl Baby Bracelet

Plus some children's bracelets also. A new US supplier, we tested out, which is always a risk but this time, one that paid off. Stunning pearl baby bracelets, for newborns and baby Christening gifts, keepsake gifts, and a couple of luxury items.

Do you prefer natural freshwater pearls or the perfection of Swarovski pearls? We can't decide. Our new range contains both, and are matched up with lead-free crystals from Swarovski for baby's safety. All sport generous extenders for growth, to ensure they get maximum wear from their little bracelets.

Did you know that pearls denote purity and innocence? This is why we love pearls for babies and children.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

The Ever Popular Children's Locket

07/05/2017 3:42:39 PM

Sterling silver children's locket



Children's locket necklaces have been popular for decades. Recently I saw an online exhibition of children's jewellery through the generations, and was not surprised to see children's bracelets and baby brooches were popular centuries ago. For those lucky enough to possess such items, they must have been dearly treasured.

These days, baby bangles are more popular than baby bracelets. Times change and fashions change.

Among the long-standing favourites were children's locket necklaces. I was interested to see that the styles now are very similar to the styles that were popular generations ago. Very little has changed, although these days, lockets are more commonly seen in sterling silver than gold.

Lockets come in all shapes or sizes, ovals, rounds, heart-shapes, even squares. They can be worn by all ages, including adults.

Lockets can carry a precious photo, trimmed neatly to fit the shape of her locket, close to her heart. Lockets are more likely to be stored away as a keepsake family heirloom than any other type of children's jewellery. Sadly, the photos do not last quite as well as the everlasting locket.

Give her something she'll really love, something she'll treasure forever.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

The Popular Baby Bangle

25/01/2017 7:06:46 AM

Exquisitely embossed baby bangle

When Baby Jewels was born, baby bracelets were our biggest seller.  They still are very popular but gradually over the last seven years, baby bangles have been emerging as the most popular baby jewellery item.  

More and more styles are becoming available and now, there's a baby bangle for every occasion.  Firstly the newborn bangles which usually expand to be worn over that first rapid growth year, are popular.  The most popular are the Christening bangles. Baby Christening bangles come in all styles, from traditional to contemporary.  First birthday bangles are next, and this size will last her much longer due to the most rapid growth year being over.  

All baby bangles are great keepsakes.  Once outgrown they can be passed on to younger siblings or stored in a safe place until the baby is an adult when she will be thrilled to receive her first jewellery as a keepsake, perhaps even to be passed on to her own children. 

Storage is easy, they take up very little space and only need a buff up with a jewellery cloth and, best of all, baby bangles never go out of style!

Which makes them the most perfect gift idea ever, for a baby!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

New Children's Jewellery Sets

30/12/2016 10:47:45 AM



Children's Ruby CZ Jewellery SetsChildren's Star necklace and earrings setsButterfly necklace and earrings sets for children


After thinking carefully about new lines for Baby Jewels in the new year, we decided to try out a new line of children's necklace and earrings sets in sterling silver.  We ordered some that we'd seen and liked a lot, and they arrived promptly and they are now on the site, awaiting your approval.  

Children's earrings make up a large category and Children's necklaces category is rapidly growing.  You'd find the children's jewellery sets in both those categories, while we decide whether to make a whole new category for sets. 

All prices include a sterling silver chain in the length of your choice:  13" for Toddlers, 14" to age 5 or 6, 15" to age 10 and 16" to teens.

Among the new lines is a lab-created white opal jewellery set, an instant favourite here.  Other lines include ever popular butterflies, some angels and some pink, pearlescent stars.  Time will tell whether we'll acquire more.  You can tell us what you think!

At this stage, the sets are just for children, though some of them are eminently suitable for toddlers, but not babies.  Keep them for special occasions or for every-day wear.  We think these new earrings and matching necklace sets will be popular!


Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Christmas and End of 2016 Wrap Up

23/12/2016 5:59:36 PM



Surgical steel children's Earrings

children's Birthstone jewellery

Two days before Christmas and we're winding down after a hectic three months.  Time to slow up and enjoy some festive fun and consider the new year ahead!

And what a year it has been.  Two thoughts about baby and children's jewellery online:  1)  with more to offer, word is getting out that Baby Jewels is a great place to find those special baby, children's, teens' and Mum's gifts throughout the year and 2) buying online is becoming more accepted and trusted every year.  Regarding 2) this is the reason we try to make it as safe as possible to purchase online.  We have a "no questions asked" refund/replacement policy.  Sometimes photos just don't show an item how it is, and we don't want any customers to be disappointed in their baby jewellery gift, so our "No Questions Asked" policy gives peace of mind.  

Regarding 1)  every year we acquire new lines to add to our collection, giving more choice and more ideas.  This year we added surgical steel earrings, especially for sensitive skin.  Baby earrings and Children's earrings in surgical steel offer a level of hypoallergenic security that even sterling silver and gold may not provide.  We also added baby bell bracelets in sterling silver, gorgeous little bracelets to be treasured forever.  The other major new line in our store is birthstone jewellery.  We started with a few, now we have children's birthstone earrings, children's birthstone necklaces and children's birthstone bracelets.  Birthstone jewellery is proving to be popular.

In a little over a week, we'll welcome in the new year.  We have some ideas for new baby bracelet and children's earrings lines this coming year and some preliminary research is underway.  We try to have a quick turnover to keep the site fresh so new gifts are appearing throughout the year.  For all your baby Christening gift requirements, flowergirl jewellery needs, children's birthday gifts, graduation gifts and rewards for doing well, Baby Jewels has something beautiful for all tastes and budgets. Over 800 ideas, in total.  

Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Pearls for Girls

16/11/2016 6:18:59 PM

14k gold children's pearl screw back earrings

Pearls are a symbol of innocence and purity, therefore, for babies and children, are a perfect choice for their first jewellery. Children's earrings are a popular early choice and the pearls can be cultured, freshwater cultured or faux pearls.  Most popular are pure white, natural creamy white and pink pearls.  Pink pearls can be naturally occurring or synthetic.  Swarovski make a lot of our pearls and it's hard to tell them from genuine cultured pearls, with an untrained eye.

Currently we have a range of baby earrings and children's earrings featuring pearls.  One style has a tiny pearl dangling from a gold children's sleeper earring, Another dangles from a sterling silver sleeper earring.  We have screw back children's pearl earrings and push back kids pearl earrings.  All are very popular.

Pearls, in any form, make up a whole range of our baby bracelets, including some mother and daughter pearl bracelet sets. Pearl baby bracelets are very popular for baby Christening gifts.  We think pearls are perfect for Christenings.  

For slightly older girls, pearl necklaces are popular for flowergirls, bridesmaids and for various religious services, such as Confirmations.  Our children's pearl necklaces are keepsake gifts, usually with an extension so she can wear them as an adult.

We even have a faux pearl children's anklet which is very popular.  Pearls are favourites here at Baby Jewels.   

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Christmas 2016 Nears

07/11/2016 6:50:25 PM

Christmas bells

How quickly 2016 has sped by.  Christmas is almost upon us.  Baby Jewels has had a great year, adding new categories of baby jewelry and children's jewelry.  This year we added surgical steel earrings to our Children's Earrings category.  These are specifically for the few children who have problems even with precious metals such as sterling silver and gold.  We started with three styles, we now have five single pairs, five gift packs containing three pairs each, some of which are gold plated, and four packs of four at rock bottom prices.

Another addition which we think will be very popular this Christmas, is our gift packs of children's earrings and children's matching necklace and earrings sets.  What a great children's gift idea for Christmas.

Some of our most popular lines have been restocked while hundreds of new styles of baby bracelets and bangles, children's necklaces and kids' anklets are now available.  We try to keep the site fresh, with new items coming in most weeks.  For now, we are brimming over for Christmas with gifts for babies and gifts for children, teens and mothers!  

Remember, we love to write your message in a card and post direct to your recipient for no extra cost.  Lots of our customers take advantage of this, for both overseas or Australian recipients.  

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and have a happy, safe and loving Christmas 2016!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Sterling silver childrens sleeper earringsSterling Silver Children's Sleeper EarringsRose gold children's sleeper earrings

Children have been wearing sleeper earrings, (or simply, children's sleepers) for decades.  They remain one of the most comfortable, lightweight styles of childrens earrings available.  No sharp points, and so lightweight they can be forgotten, which helps with the fiddly fingers of those with newly pierced ears!  

Today, we have a huge range from which to choose.  Embellished sleepers are now very popular.  Embellished with what?  Well, tiny butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, crystals, pearls, dragonflies, you name it!  You can now purchase kids sleeper earrings with all these tiny dangles, which kids love so much.  

Baby Jewels has a huge range in sizes to suit babies, small children, and older girls who want to "set and forget."  Check out both the baby earrings and children's earrings categories.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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