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Baby Bracelets Galore!

10/07/2012 8:30:07 AM

Recently, we've been increasing our range of baby bracelets in our Baby Jewellery category.  Check them out if you have a newborn on the way, a Christening, a first birthday coming up.  Baby bangles and bracelets are such a loving, special gift, a gift which is likely to be kept forever, or passed down to new babies in the family.  (Consider this when engraving!)  When kept as a family keepsake, you can imagine the joy it will bring her when it's presented back to her, on or near the occasion of the birth of her own baby.  Some parents like to present her with her baby jewellery on the occasion of her 21st. 

Memories and love are instilled when you give the gift of jewellery.  Even more so when it's baby jewellery.  

There are so many styles and designs these days, it's getting hard to choose, and Baby Jewels doesn't make it easier, with their over 100 baby bracelets and bangles, from which to choose.  Think about what you would like to give, e.g. sterling silver, gold, pearls or plated jewellery, then browse the various categories.  After all, you might change your mind about a bracelet and give a little baby necklace, or baby anklet, instead.

For those who love this type of jewellery, be prepared to do lots of comparisons before you make your decision!

Happy baby gift shopping!  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Over the years I have come to realise these are very popular.  First of all, they are very pretty and look very sweet around a chubby ankle.  Secondly, the original reason for the Cambodians putting them on their babies and children was because the bells would tinkle wherever baby crawled or tottered.  Because some villages in Cambodia were on the edge or in the middle of, dense jungles, this was more a necessity than an item of baby jewellery.  This reason holds true for modern Mums though for less importance.  

Then the idea was taken up by certain movie stars and their babies were seen sporting the little Cambodian jingle bells anklets.  Businesses sprouted up selling them at a premium cost.  The popularity of these baby anklets floroushed.

I searched the www for some the same, or similar, at a reasonable cost.  Once or twice I've negotiated with silversmiths to manufacture them but each time the deal has fallen through.  

Once again, I am dealing with a new silversmith, who knows the story and seems (at this stage) willing to cost the job to make some of these rather special pieces of baby/children's jewellery.  It will depend on the cost as they will be made especially.  This silversmith is already making beautiful baby bangles, quite different to ones I've so far seen.  

If you're interested in one or more of these anklets, email me at shop@baby-jewels.com and if I get enough interest, perhaps I can increase my order and bring down the cost.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Hearts, Butterflies and Ladybugs

25/03/2012 6:52:03 AM

These are the favourite features of baby and children's jewellery.  Hearts are traditionally popular, with filigree locket hearts on gold baby bracelets, which have been available for generations.  Hearts appear on baby bangles and children's bracelets as charms, children's necklaces as pendants and on children's earrings.  

It amazes me how many shapes a heart can be!  Long ones, twisted ones, chunky ones.  They can be linked with other hearts. They can have tiny pearls inside them, or a cz stone.  They can be colourfully hand-enamelled, sometimes with swirls or with dots in contrasting colour.  But ask any little girl, and most are likely to choose hearts first.

Butterflies are a more modern feature of children's jewellery.  It's hard to go wrong with butterflies - kids love them.  They can be hand enamelled, or covered in crystals in a variety of colours.  They can be pale and pastel or brightly patterned, just as in real life. Tiny butterflies appear in baby earrings, children's earrings, kids' pendant necklaces, as charms on bracelets and bangles or dangling from girls' anklets.  

Our third best seller is, perhaps surprisingly, ladybugs!  Red ones, pink ones, blue ones, kids and Mums alike adore ladybugs.  At Baby Jewels, we have them in all shapes and sizes.  

Other popular features?  Bunny rabbits, stars and moons, shells, teddy bears, ducks, bees and bumble bees, penguins, cupcakes, dragonflies, lucky clovers and dolphins for older girls and many more.  Some features are seen as suitable for boys as well as girls.  Boys' jewellery is becoming more and more popular, particularly leather bracelets which can be enhanced by the addition of a favourite children's charm or two.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Tips for Buying Baby Jewellery

23/03/2012 3:51:59 PM

1. Buying traditional style jewellery for babies will mean the item will not lose appeal as the decades go by and can be used by later generations.

2.  Baby ID Bracelets are traditional but to ensure they are worn again by future babies, keep any engraving generic to suit any baby who wears it.

3.  Baby earrings need to be not only small, but have shorter rods.  The earring itself must not overwhelm a tiny lobe.  Nuts (or "backs") should be tightly fitting.

4.  When buying a baby bracelet, ensure there is an extension for growth, because babies are not tiny for long. Ditto with baby bangles - most expanding bangles will ensure another 2-4 years of wear.  

5.  Buying a baby charm bracelet (naked) is a great idea because the gift of a charm for each following birthday is easy.  Choose children's charms that represent something important in her life.

6.  Boy babies too, are wearing jewellery these days.  Gold, silver, leather or cord extending bracelets, often with a masculine charm such as a soccer ball for an older boy or an insect or animals for a baby, are popular.

7.  Stretchy bracelets make getting the baby bracelet on and off much easier.

8.  Hinged baby bangles also make putting on and off, much easier.

9.  Baby bracelets with lots of colour for example, enamelling, colourful crystals or Millefiori beads make black and white baby portraits special by having the bracelet left in full colour.

10.  Avoid chain store baby jewellery.  Often these items are very pretty and the price makes them very attractive, but they very often contain lead, nickel, cadmium and possibly other, dangerous metals.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Earrings for Tiny Baby Ears

18/03/2012 6:19:09 PM

A new trend is emerging in baby jewellery.  Mothers are having their babies' ears pierced earlier and earlier these days.  It's become fairly standard for young girls to have their ears pierced around the time they start school and children's earrings designers have excelled with brilliant designs to keep up with the trend.  But now, those designers are working on designs for babies.  Because baby earrings are no longer the domain of daughters of migrants from India and a variety of other nations who traditionally pierce their babies' ears not long after birth.  

Has this meant that traditional baby jewellery such as baby bracelets and baby bangles are less popular, as baby earrings become more common?  From my experience, not at all.  Baby bracelets are still the most popular item of jewellery for babies and small girls.  Now they are being matched up to her new earrings!

Baby earrings should have tightly fitting backs and slightly shorter rods, though it's amazing how little difference the thickness of an adult ear-lobe is, to a baby's.  But shorter rods will ensure that when she lies on her side, the rod is not annoying her.  She will quickly forget she has earrings and enjoy the extra attention people give her as they admire her new earrings!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Is Baby Jewellery Safe?

07/03/2012 9:04:31 AM

There are several reasons parents have doubts about baby necklaces, in particular, but baby jewellery generally.  First, the metals used.  We are currently reading a lot about unsafe metals used in baby jewellery.  Not so long ago, we were concerned about nickel and lead but now cadmium has been added to the list of fears.  Truth is, these dangerous metals are found in alloys used in cheap children's jewellery bought in chain stores, or the newsagent or perhaps, the markets - and the risk is definitely there.  

If you're buying sterling silver or gold baby bracelets and other jewellery,  you need not worry.  These dangerous metals are not hidden in precious metals. 

The second worry parents have, is will baby choke on her beads, or break a charm off her baby charm bracelet and swallow it.  There is a very real danger of this because babies are stronger than they look and if they break off a small object, it's quite likely going to end up in her mouth.  For this reason, we always ask that baby is supervised whilst wearing her pretty jewellery and that it's removed when she's put down to sleep.  There are exceptions:  baby earrings that are placed in her ears early enough, that by the time she's reaching for and pulling on objects, she will be completely unaware of their existence and therefore quite safe provided the earrings have tightly fitted backs.  Many cultures for generations, pierce their baby's ears at a very young age for this reason, and they wear earrings their whole lives.  Baby bangles which have no breakable parts, for example charms or safety chains are safe because there's nothing to pull off and put in her mouth.  This makes plain baby bangles a very popular choice because Mum doesn't need to remember to remove her bangle before sleep or at any other time.

Of course, once she's passed the age of reaching for, grabbing and pulling anything within her reach and putting everything in her mouth, baby jewellery again becomes perfectly safe.  

Keep her baby jewellery for wearing on special occasions, where baby has full supervision, or for her baby portraits or outings where there will be plenty of people to keep an eye on her - and she will look beautiful in her pretty baubles.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Questions I am frequently asked

16/02/2012 11:44:46 AM

Are children's earrings allowed to be worn at school?  

Answer:  My understanding of public schools in Australia, is that small, unobtrusive, non dangly, stud earrings are allowed.  Private schools each have their own rule about jewellery worn by students.

What age must a baby be before she can have her ears pierced?

Answer:  According to a paediatrician who wrote an article about this very subject, three months is the preferred age.  Many cultures have their babies' ears pierced much earlier, but the reason given was that this gives baby time to build her immune system up in case of infection while the piercing is healing. Baby earrings with firmly fitting nuts (or backs) are very safe because baby doesn't even know they're there and won't pluck at them.  Sterling silver, stainless steel or gold are the preferred metals for baby and children's earrings.

Are baby necklaces safe?

Provided supervision is given while baby is wearing her necklace, they are safe, and provided no lead, nickel or cadmium is used.  These metals are found in some cheap "fashion" jewellery found in "Dollar shops."  Sterling silver, gold, pearls and enamelling is safe.  When baby is put down to sleep, remove her necklace in case she breaks it in her sleep, then wakes up and puts components into her mouth.

What to buy - a baby bracelet or baby bangle?

Baby bangles are the safest of all baby jewellery.  But add safety chains or charms, as do many baby bangles these days, and they become potential choking hazards.  Baby jewellery is made very strong (because babies can be strong!) but if she breaks a piece off and is without supervision, she can pop it into her mouth.  Let your baby wear her bangle or bracelet for outings, special occasions and her portraits, then, when she is put down to sleep, remove them.  So the choice is really personal.  Both can be purchased with extensions for growth which make them great value as a gift that she can wear for years.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Often baby bracelets and other children's jewellery are worn only for special occasions.  This can mean the jewellery is stored in a jewellery box or cupboard much of the time.  If this happens for lengthy periods, the sterling silver can tarnish.

Some manufacturers coat their sterling silver jewellery in a hardener, such as platinum, or Evershine which comes under various brandnames.  Basically, this prevents scratches, the main cause of dulling of the silver.  It also prevents tarnishing.  So, if you come across kids' jewellery that has either of these coatings, it's even better value.

Wearing the jewellery is the best way to prevent tarnishing.  But if the jewellery is to be stored, place it first, into a small zip lock plastic bag then into the cupboard, jewellery box, etc.

If you find tarnishing is a problem over long periods, simply purchase a jeweller's cleaning cloth and give your little baby bracelets, kids bangles etc. a good clean.  Alternatively, the jeweller will do this for you for a small fee, and often for free, as a goodwill gesture.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Baby and Children's Earrings

09/02/2012 12:35:35 PM

I love nothing more than finding a new supplier of baby and children's earrings.  The styles and designs are just so cute, it's hard not to buy them all.  With well over 100 styles already, I am risking making the decision just too hard for my customers, so I do try to "pull my head in!"

However!  After the Christmas rush, I have been looking for children's earrings again and found new suppliers and new styles.  I have been restrained, but we are now getting new kids' earrings arriving, a few every day.  If you have a little girl who loves her earrings or know of a baby with newly pierced ears, check out our Earrings Category soon!

While you're there, check out the new baby bangles and bracelets and kids' bracelets, as well!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

I often check out our opposition sites (the beauty of Google) and see what they are selling and whether I'm competitive, have a good range to choose from, etc.  

One of the things I notice time and again are baby bracelets advertised which are 6 inches long.  Now 6 inches is far too long for a baby bracelet.  It would go round the wrist of a newborn twice.  If you're looking for an item of baby jewellery for a newborn, take notice of sizes.  You don't want it put away for years in a cupboard until it fits.  A bracelet 6 inches long would fit a child over age 5, and very often up to the teens.  Of course, baby and children's wrist sizes vary a lot but this is a general rule.

A baby necklace should be 12 inches or 13 inches, not 16 or 18 inches.  It will reach her navel!  For toddlers, a 13 inch is perfect, 14 inches for a larger child or perhaps a child around age 5.  Older children's necklaces are generally 16" and adult's necklaces are usually 18".

Baby bangles and bracelets should be adjustable in size, ideally.  Bangles that expand and bracelets that either have an extension, or there are two clasping points along the length of the bracelet so that your baby/little girl can wear her jewellery for many years. 

If you don't know what size to purchase and can't measure the child's wrist, and she has her ears pierced, baby and children's earrings are a much safer bet.  Earlobes of babies don't grow much at all so any earrings will fit.  But most people like baby earrings to be very petite.  But the beauty of this is, she can wear those baby earrings all her life!  The length of the rod is more important, so always buy children's earrings, not adult.  Children's earrings will fit an adult but adult earrings will have a rod that's a little too long.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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