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Christmas and End of 2016 Wrap Up

23/12/2016 5:59:36 PM



Surgical steel children's Earrings

children's Birthstone jewellery

Two days before Christmas and we're winding down after a hectic three months.  Time to slow up and enjoy some festive fun and consider the new year ahead!

And what a year it has been.  Two thoughts about baby and children's jewellery online:  1)  with more to offer, word is getting out that Baby Jewels is a great place to find those special baby, children's, teens' and Mum's gifts throughout the year and 2) buying online is becoming more accepted and trusted every year.  Regarding 2) this is the reason we try to make it as safe as possible to purchase online.  We have a "no questions asked" refund/replacement policy.  Sometimes photos just don't show an item how it is, and we don't want any customers to be disappointed in their baby jewellery gift, so our "No Questions Asked" policy gives peace of mind.  

Regarding 1)  every year we acquire new lines to add to our collection, giving more choice and more ideas.  This year we added surgical steel earrings, especially for sensitive skin.  Baby earrings and Children's earrings in surgical steel offer a level of hypoallergenic security that even sterling silver and gold may not provide.  We also added baby bell bracelets in sterling silver, gorgeous little bracelets to be treasured forever.  The other major new line in our store is birthstone jewellery.  We started with a few, now we have children's birthstone earrings, children's birthstone necklaces and children's birthstone bracelets.  Birthstone jewellery is proving to be popular.

In a little over a week, we'll welcome in the new year.  We have some ideas for new baby bracelet and children's earrings lines this coming year and some preliminary research is underway.  We try to have a quick turnover to keep the site fresh so new gifts are appearing throughout the year.  For all your baby Christening gift requirements, flowergirl jewellery needs, children's birthday gifts, graduation gifts and rewards for doing well, Baby Jewels has something beautiful for all tastes and budgets. Over 800 ideas, in total.  

Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

We're Restocking!

10/01/2016 11:09:34 AM

Children's NecklacesChildren's EarringsChildren's Rings


As always at this time of year, our stocks need replenishing and the fun part - buying beautiful baby jewellery, children's jewellery and gifts for Mums, has begun.

This Christmas season, the biggest seller was a pair of children's earrings, not saying which pair but you may be able to guess? Low priced and very cute, we were selling them in twos and threes - often to grandmothers who wanted their little granddaughters to each have a matching pair.

We've already received our first order of new baby earrings and children's earrings.

We're finding baby bracelets more difficult to replenish. Baby bangles are becoming easier to source and there are some stunning models. So perhaps baby bangles will be the big seller of 2016?

Parents and grandparents loved our children's necklaces this Christmas, especially our initial necklaces.

Increasingly, birthstone jewellery for children is being purchased so we've just acquired a shipment of very reasonably priced birthstone earrings which are cz stud earrings, each one representing the birthstone for each month.

Keep an eye out as our categories also grow - shortly, we'll have children's rings arriving - adjustable to continue fitting through growth spurts!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Christmas Delivery Cut Off Dates

16/12/2015 7:51:29 AM

Christmas bells


Dates For Christmas Delivery - EXPRESS POST. Please ensure orders are placed prior to 2pm!

Metro 23rd Dec 23rd Dec 23rd Dec 22nd Dec 22nd Dec 21st Dec 21st Dec
Regional 22nd Dec 22nd Dec 22nd Dec 21st Dec 21st Dec 18th Dec 18th Dec


For all your baby jewellery and children's jewellery gift purchases, the above dates are the last dates your items will be delivered before Christmas. (Yes, we cater to boys and boy babies too!)


Please note you can request a free Christmas gift card for each or all your items and post directly to your recipient.  We will even hand-write your gift message too!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Pearl Baby and Children's Jewellery

05/11/2015 9:50:46 AM


Categories of pearls


Because I am frequently asked questions about pearls, whether they are "real," are they polished, where do they come from etc. I thought I'd post a little information including this comparison chart.

What are "freshwater" pearls? Only two types of pearl exist in the world. These are the saltwater and freshwater varieties, and either type can be natural or cultured. Freshwater pearls are cultivated in mussels rather than oysters, and most of the world’s supply are farmed in the lakes, rivers and ponds of China. They're easier to grow than salt water pearls. One freshwater mussel can grow multiples of pearls at the one time, compared to salt water oysters that usually produce only one pearl.

What are "cultured" pearls and why are they so expensive? From Wikipedia: A cultured pearl is a pearl created by a pearl farmer under controlled conditions. Cultured pearls can be farmed using two very different groups of bivalve mollusk: the freshwater river mussels, and the saltwater pearl oysters.

Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels. These pearls are produced in Japan and the United States on a limited scale, but are now almost exclusively produced in China.

The truth is, cultured pearls can take many years to form and can command some pretty amazing prices.

Pearls are a natural formation created by the mollusc when an "irritant" is place in the shell. Over time, the outer coating forms over the irritant, which ultimately becomes the pearl.

Pearls are popular for adult jewellery as well as baby jewellery and children's jewellery.  Pearls look beautiful on baby's perfect skin.  Currently we stock pearl baby bracelets, pearl children's bracelets, children's pearl earrings, including pearl screw back earrings. We also stock childrens' pearl necklaces.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

children's embellished sleeper earringschildrens sterling silver locket necklace



Pure gold is the least likely precious metal to tarnish. But baby jewellery is not made in pure gold. This is because the metal is very soft and can dent and bend out of shape too easily.

It is the alloys in gold that make up the 9k, 10k, 14k and 18k baby bangles and children's earrings, that can tarnish. But the tarnish is easily removed with a polishing cloth. It's much easier to clean gold items than sterling silver.

Sterling Silver

The majority of our baby jewellery and children's jewellery is sterling silver. Besides being beautiful, especially when highly polished, it is the price that makes sterling silver the most popular precious metal. Currently 18k gold is 50 times more expensive per gram than sterling silver.

Sterling silver always tarnishes over time. But by storing her little baby earrings and baby bracelets in a plastic, zip lock bag, with the air pushed out, you can limit the air contact with the item, delaying and minimising tarnish. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This is to make the silver harder, which makes it more suitable for use in children's jewellery.

If tarnishing isn't too advanced, it's easy to clean it off with a soft jeweller's cloth but if the tarnishing is severe, a jeweller can do the job for you.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Baby Bracelet


Traditionally, baby and children's jewellery is made of gold or, more recently, sterling silver. These days the addition of cubic zirconias, and bright, or pastel enameling or multiple crystals is very popular.

Gemstones were once used occasionally, in particular, garnets and rubies. But now, we can purchase many more varieties of natural stones such as rose quartz, lapis lazuli, topaz, sapphires, amethyst, turquoise and bright red coral. These colourful stones are set off especially well when teamed with sterling silver.

Currently we have a few children's earrings with tiny gemstones and about 10 baby and children's bracelets which feature some of these more popular stones.

Lapis lazuli is a personal favourite. It is the deep blue of a newborn's eyes. In particular a lapis lazuli/sterling silver baby bracelet. Divine!

Check them out and see if you like these more non-traditional gemstone pieces in both baby jewellery and children's jewellery.


Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's sterling silver locket

This is the safe way Museums remove tarnish on sterling silver:-

What you need:
1) hot water (we highly recommend distilled or purified water)
2) salt
3) aluminum foil
4) Your tarnished children's jewellery
5) container

What to do:
1) Line the bottom of a small container with aluminum foil.
2) Add 1 - 2 table spoons of salt.

3) Add hot water. The hotter the better. Be careful (Don't use tap water; it may leave mineral deposits)
4) Stir until the salt is fully dissolved.

5) Dip your Sterling Silver Jewellery in the solution.
6) Dry your jewellery thoroughly.

Magically, the tarnish will immediately travel from the silver baby jewellery to the aluminum! The aluminum simply attracts the tarnish from the silver. Safe, easy and quick!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Family Keepsakes

03/08/2012 9:02:27 AM

I had an email in response to an article I wrote about the keeping of special items from previous generations.  The article was in reference to the idea of keeping the first baby bracelet or first children's earrings as a keepsake, to return to her when she's an adult, possibly on the occasion of the birth of her first daughter.  Or perhaps her 21st.

A young woman, she had just had her first baby, a girl, and her mother visited her that first day in hospital with a beautifully wrapped box.  What was inside, was "to thrill her beyond already being thrilled to bits" as she described it to me.

Her mother had secretly stored her daughter's first baby bracelet, her baby brooch and her first children's earrings, and had never mentioned them to her in all her growing up years.  What she saw in that box was a bracelet as beautiful now as it must have been 26 years previously when she received it from her mother on the occasion of her birth.  It was a little 9ct gold ID bracelet with locket.  When her mother told her the story behind the jewellery, she said she had no recollection of the bracelet, in her own memory.  The brooch, a gift from her godmother, was worn on her matinee jackets which were popular baby attire back then.  She had seen photos of herself as a baby, wearing the brooch but never knew what had happened to it.  Seeing those first earrings again, refreshed her memory of them.  They were tiny, silver butterflies. 

This young woman was blown away by this gesture of love, on the part of her mother.  She said it made the birth of her own baby all the more special and she vowed to keep her baby jewellery safe and pass it back to her own daughter when she grew up. 

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Piccolo has arrived!

27/07/2012 10:47:56 AM

Just arrived is our first shipment of the beautiful Italian designer children's jewellery, Piccolo.  Two of their latest designs, a classic 9K gold baby and children's ID bracelet, and an equally classic children's charm bracelet with pink enamel hearts.

Highly polished, beautifully made and finished, these bracelets are destined to be family keepsakes.  

If you have baby portraits booked for your baby and want something special for her to wear, or perhaps she's turning one or two in the near future and you want an outstanding piece of baby jewellery for her to keep always, now is the time to check out our Piccolo bracelets.  

For a limited time only, our Piccolo baby bracelets are well under the recommended retail price, so don't leave it too long.

Happy shopping!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Baby Bracelets Galore!

10/07/2012 8:30:07 AM

Recently, we've been increasing our range of baby bracelets in our Baby Jewellery category.  Check them out if you have a newborn on the way, a Christening, a first birthday coming up.  Baby bangles and bracelets are such a loving, special gift, a gift which is likely to be kept forever, or passed down to new babies in the family.  (Consider this when engraving!)  When kept as a family keepsake, you can imagine the joy it will bring her when it's presented back to her, on or near the occasion of the birth of her own baby.  Some parents like to present her with her baby jewellery on the occasion of her 21st. 

Memories and love are instilled when you give the gift of jewellery.  Even more so when it's baby jewellery.  

There are so many styles and designs these days, it's getting hard to choose, and Baby Jewels doesn't make it easier, with their over 100 baby bracelets and bangles, from which to choose.  Think about what you would like to give, e.g. sterling silver, gold, pearls or plated jewellery, then browse the various categories.  After all, you might change your mind about a bracelet and give a little baby necklace, or baby anklet, instead.

For those who love this type of jewellery, be prepared to do lots of comparisons before you make your decision!

Happy baby gift shopping!  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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