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Surgical steel children's earrings

Many parents feel their children have a sensitivity to even sterling silver and gold.  Sometimes, it's a slight infection in newly pierced ears, but other times it can be a genuine hyper-sensitivity.  This is disappointing to a child who's been patiently waiting for her ears to heal so she can wear some of the beautiful children's earrings available.  


But now, there's no need to be disappointed.  Surgical steel, hypoallergenic children's jewellery has arrived and Baby Jewels has oodles of beautiful surgical steel children's earrings from which to choose her dream earrings. 


Some are so highly polished it's impossible to tell them from sterling silver, and some can be coated with gold and rose gold in a process called Ion Plating which is super-durable, unlike conventional gold plating.  The gold plated surgical steel items may, of course cause problems if the child indeed, does  have an allergic reaction to those metals.  In this case, these children should wear only the bare surgical steel earrings.


Currently for genuinely sensitive children, we now have children's earrings, children's huggies, children's necklaces and children's bracelets and even one anklet in surgical steel.


Pop in and do a search for "surgical steel" and choose something she will love!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Pearls for Girls

16/11/2016 6:18:59 PM

14k gold children's pearl screw back earrings

Pearls are a symbol of innocence and purity, therefore, for babies and children, are a perfect choice for their first jewellery. Children's earrings are a popular early choice and the pearls can be cultured, freshwater cultured or faux pearls.  Most popular are pure white, natural creamy white and pink pearls.  Pink pearls can be naturally occurring or synthetic.  Swarovski make a lot of our pearls and it's hard to tell them from genuine cultured pearls, with an untrained eye.

Currently we have a range of baby earrings and children's earrings featuring pearls.  One style has a tiny pearl dangling from a gold children's sleeper earring, Another dangles from a sterling silver sleeper earring.  We have screw back children's pearl earrings and push back kids pearl earrings.  All are very popular.

Pearls, in any form, make up a whole range of our baby bracelets, including some mother and daughter pearl bracelet sets. Pearl baby bracelets are very popular for baby Christening gifts.  We think pearls are perfect for Christenings.  

For slightly older girls, pearl necklaces are popular for flowergirls, bridesmaids and for various religious services, such as Confirmations.  Our children's pearl necklaces are keepsake gifts, usually with an extension so she can wear them as an adult.

We even have a faux pearl children's anklet which is very popular.  Pearls are favourites here at Baby Jewels.   

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

What Does "Gold Filled" Mean?

03/09/2015 7:37:12 PM




18k gold filled children's huggie earringsWhat does "gold filled" mean?

We notice several of the main jewellery stores are now stocking "gold filled" items of jewellery and now, so are we. It has proven popular for a couple of reasons: a) It looks just like gold and b) is without the price tag of real gold.

So what does "gold filled" really mean. For a simple explanation I went to Wikipedia and here's what it said:

"Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold, which must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to sterling silver or a base metal. The related terms "rolled gold plate" and "gold overlay" may be used if the layer of gold constitutes less than 5% of the item's weight."

How is this different to "gold plated?" An item of jewellery that's gold plated has often undergone an electroplating process whereby the finest layer of actual gold is used. Being such a fine layer, with constant wear, the gold can actually wear off. Though gold plating looks almost as good as gold filled, the amount of gold used is vastly different therefore the cost of a gold plated item is going to be lower than a gold filled item.

Currently we stock a wide range of 18k gold baby and children's earrings and one children's necklace with matching earrings and ring.  We hope to add some gold filled baby bangles and children's bracelets in the near future.  18k gold filled baby huggie earrings

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Family Keepsakes

03/08/2012 9:02:27 AM

I had an email in response to an article I wrote about the keeping of special items from previous generations.  The article was in reference to the idea of keeping the first baby bracelet or first children's earrings as a keepsake, to return to her when she's an adult, possibly on the occasion of the birth of her first daughter.  Or perhaps her 21st.

A young woman, she had just had her first baby, a girl, and her mother visited her that first day in hospital with a beautifully wrapped box.  What was inside, was "to thrill her beyond already being thrilled to bits" as she described it to me.

Her mother had secretly stored her daughter's first baby bracelet, her baby brooch and her first children's earrings, and had never mentioned them to her in all her growing up years.  What she saw in that box was a bracelet as beautiful now as it must have been 26 years previously when she received it from her mother on the occasion of her birth.  It was a little 9ct gold ID bracelet with locket.  When her mother told her the story behind the jewellery, she said she had no recollection of the bracelet, in her own memory.  The brooch, a gift from her godmother, was worn on her matinee jackets which were popular baby attire back then.  She had seen photos of herself as a baby, wearing the brooch but never knew what had happened to it.  Seeing those first earrings again, refreshed her memory of them.  They were tiny, silver butterflies. 

This young woman was blown away by this gesture of love, on the part of her mother.  She said it made the birth of her own baby all the more special and she vowed to keep her baby jewellery safe and pass it back to her own daughter when she grew up. 

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Wheels for Nezi

19/07/2012 4:10:51 PM

A friend of my daughter has just had the wind knocked out of her sails.  Her lovely little daughter 7 y.o. Nezi, (Inez) has been diagnosed with ALL (Leukaemia.)

Nezi's been my granddaughter, Chloe's best friend since Day care and I have met her on many occasions.  Sweet and pretty, her Mum Renee is a single Mum who does a great job with Nezi and her 3 y.o. brother Kyl.

Currently Renee and Nezi are down in the Children's Hospital in Brisbane where Nezi is undergoing her second round of chemo.  Kyl is staying with an Aunt here on the Coast.

I can only imagine the upheavel, worry and sadness in this family at present.

When Nezi is well enough, she will come home but will need to be able to travel to Nambour Hospital for treatment and, eventually, to school, when she's well enough to resume her studies.  

But Renee doesn't have a car and has no means to get one.  Until now, they have walked to school.  Rain hail or shine, it's 30 minutes to school, 30 minutes back, then the same in the afternoon.  But the hospital is much further.  For this reason, there is a fundraiser under way on Facebook, to buy Renee a car, and help with the normal expenses of running a car, for the first 12 months.  The facebook page is here:


Baby jewels has donated a pair of children's earrings, a beautiful, engraved, sterling silver children's bangle, a silver/amethyst cz children's bracelet and a fresh water pearl children's bracelet.

If you are reading this, we would love it if you'd check out these and other donated items for the auction which gets underway tomorrow night and continues for 9 days.  We are hoping to raise enough for a small car, plus insurance, RACQ membership, and registration for the first year.  Servicing has been donated.  

Thank you!!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Big Year So Far for Baby Jewels

05/07/2012 6:36:41 PM

We are into our third year of retailing baby and children's jewellery online and it is looking like being our best.  We've added a lot of new lines to our range with plans for even more.  We're getting our sales in the post 98% of the time, on the same day of purchase and we are currently organising new jewellery pouches to be made in white velvet with our logo silk screened on the front.  These will make a nicer gift and will be sturdy enough for a little girl's jewellery to be kept safely in the pouch until she needs a jewellery box of her own.

Our children's earrings category has grown by over a dozen styles since our third year began.  But our baby bracelets category has grown the most, with nearly 2 dozen new styles, not to mention lots of new children's bracelets now on site.

Our children's necklaces category has also grown, with 6 new necklaces in the last 3 months.  

And our baby and children's anklet category has also grown, though some styles have sold out (but will be restocked asap.)

GFC notwithstanding, it's clear that, like me, other people adore baby and children's jewellery, that it makes a superb and much loved gift for any little girl (or boy) and makes the recipient feel more special than just about any other type of gift.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

From my research, Australia is following other Western nations in ridding toxic metals in children's toys and jewellery.  Fortunately the rules have been tightened in the USA and as a result, suppliers of baby jewellery and children's jewellery are keen to remove anything toxic from their products in order to be able to continue supplying the US.  It is only recently it has been discovered that dangers lurk in some metals and crystals, not dangerous to adults, but to kids under the age of 12, who put things in their mouths.

Crystals have come under scrutiny and it appears the problem lies in a child under 12 actually sucking on the crystal, and therby ingesting lead.  Swarovski crystals have been removed from children's earrings, baby bracelets etc., in fact all children's jewellery, replaced by lead-free Czech crystals which are just as pretty.  This has been achieved even though Swarovski crystals have a binding coating to actually prevent the leaching of lead and are actually safe.  

Manufacturers are keen to distance themselves from anything containing a metal that's toxic to babies and children.

The problem lies more in the dubious alloy of metals and crystals found in cheap (but pretty) children's jewellery sold on stands in department stores, usually near the checkout where children are attracted by the colours and designs, which are, admittedly, very sweet.  The paints used in some children's toys can also contain lead.  

Please note it's not the wearing of the contaminated jewellery that places our kids at risk, or by playing with the toy, but if a child somehow sucks on it, it can raise their blood lead levels to dangerous levels.  We must always be on the look out for risks to our children, wherever they lurk. 

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

As advised weeks ago, we have finally received the first two designs of children's earrings with safety screwbacks to add to our baby and children's jewellery website.

Eventually, we intend to have a lot more but we are starting with two exquisite designs, both in 14K yellow gold.  One is a sweet little cz flower, in pink and white.  The other is a tiny 7mm butterfly in white and dark pink cz.  

I've had a lot of requests for children's safety screwbacks this year.  They are hard to find and at this point, I haven't found any in sterling silver.  I'm not sure exactly why this is the case, and I haven't given up because I want to extend our baby and children's earrings category to include a good range of screwbacks.

As soon as I can hold down our webmaster, a new category as an off-shoot from the children's earrings category, will be created, to house our new range and make them easier to find on the website.

I will be sending out some emails to those who showed interest in these new earrings in the coming days.  

Screwbacks are popular because the backs can't be pulled off.  This means that when you're pulling a top off over your child's head, the "back" can't become caught in the fabric and be tugged off.  Also, little ones who fiddle with their earrings, usually when they are getting used to wearing them, cannot, without a bit of dexterity, remove the backs.  This is because the rod and the back are threaded and need to be unscrewed, not easy for little fingers.

In the next few months, we'll be getting more, so watch this space!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Well, I have been unable to wait to order some children's screwback earrings, so...I have a few on their way.  I have had so many people contact me via the Contact Box on the site asking for them, I determined I would try a few before Christmas (which had been my plan!)

They are 14k yellow gold with sparkling cz stones.  More traditional, and so special, they are destined to become family keepsakes.  Being screwbacks, they are especially safe and secure.  Yes, they will be a little more expensive than other children's earrings I've got on the site, but they will be perfect for that very special gift, something that can be worn for many years, in fact, to adulthood. Imagine giving these as a Christening gift, a first Christmas or birthday gift, or to a little girl when she first gets her ears pierced.  Her family will recognise the "family heirloom" factor immediately.

So, they are ordered, and will be arriving from the United States within the next fortnight, I am hoping!  

There will be three screwback styles in 14K gold to start with:  

Highly polished yellow gold ball studs

Exquisite butterfly studs in ruby and clear cz in yellow gold

Stunning clear cz with tourmaline cz flower studs in yellow gold.

Eventually we'll increase our Children's Earrings category to have a subcategory to group our new children's screwbacks.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory
How many of us fear the day our daughters say, "Mum, can I have my ears pierced?"  How many of us remember the "allergies" and the infections and the unending "cleaning" that goes on for weeks after the piercing?  And the constant asking, "Can I change my earrings now?"
There are blue skies on the horizon!  Piercing these days generally includes stainless steel (surgical steel) earrings which don't cause any irritation which has been a major step in the right direction.  Secondly, and most importantly, we are no longer told to "turn the earrings daily."  What?  Won't they "grow" onto the ear?  No they don't.  Simply leave them alone for four weeks.  It's now known that the constant turning kept the inside of the ear raw and open to infection.  Once a day, dab the ear with cleansing lotion, supplied when the ears were pierced.  It's painless, quick and simple, even the smallest child can do it herself.  
In four weeks the inside of the ear will be healed and will have come away from the rod of the earring and it will slip out without bother.  I know this because I had my own ears pierced a year ago.  Then, some real children's earrings shopping can be done! 
The best value is sterling silver.  It won't cause irritation, it's a reasonable price, and the range of designs is massive, if you look online.  9 or 14K gold is next best but it's more expensive.  Towards Spring time, I'll be ordering some 14K screwback earrings that are just exquisite, in plenty of time for Christmas.  I'm so looking forward to putting them on the site.  The screwbacks are push on, unscrew off, and suitable for young children who might otherwise "play" with her earrings.  
I'm unsure why children's earrings aren't also made in surgical steel, like the ones that are used when ears are pierced.  But I've searched children's jewellery wholesalers the world over and can't find any.  
Perhaps people just like the idea of sterling silver or gold better?
Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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