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Best Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

28/04/2016 7:48:59 PM

Dotty children's butterfly earrings

Most two year old girls are born gifted with everything that opens and shuts for the first couple of years.  By the time she reaches two, she will already have begun her lifelong attraction to jewellery by dressing up in her mother's whenever she can get her hands on it!  So what better idea than the gift of a piece of children's jewellery?  Perhaps a little children's bracelet, a little silver or gold chain with a charm or heart locket attached, or perhaps a little, exquisitely engraved children’s bangle, perhaps one with a flattened area to have her name engraved ID bangle.)  Bangles too, can have a charm attached, for added cuteness!  She will love the fuss she receives when wearing her children's bracelet and Mum will glow with pride!

For optimum outcome, choose one that opens with a hinge and has a safety chain for security.  Or a classic, adjustable baby bangle that grows with her.  

If she has her ears pierced, you really can’t go past a pretty pair of petite children’s earrings and we’re happy to say, there is a veritable feast of  hundreds of styles from which to choose that special pair for your two year old.  Don’t forget to check children’s screw back earrings, they’re wonderful and much harder for fiddly fingers to remove.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Kids Choosing Their Own Jewellery?

18/03/2016 12:20:08 PM



Children's sterling silver banglesSterling silver Circle of Life Children's/Teens' Necklaces

Kids choosing their wwn jewellery?

Read in a Jewellery Group Magazine:

"Children are now dictating their own style choices, including the type of jewellery they wish to wear.

Introducing the maturing child consumer: they’re young, have a keenly-honed sense of brand awareness, are less inclined to take styling advice from an adult, and want to be ahead of the game when it comes to trends.

While it’s fair to say grown-ups will probably maintain authority and make final purchasing decisions, the shopping profile of these fashion-savvy kids provides an indication of how and why the children’s jewellery segment has evolved in recent years.

“Children are absolutely becoming more discerning,” "

Wow! In the past, we've found baby jewellery is our biggest seller, but that's changing. Children and sub-teens want their own quality jewellery. We've increased our children's jewellery range, particularly children's necklaces and found them to be very popular. Seems kids are choosing for themselves, guided, in most instances by a parent. We've also introduced children's rings. Children's bracelets have always been popular, but now, so are kids' bangles, particularly in sterling silver.

Trends are now important. Brand names not as much, we've found. Times are changing and kids have always loved jewellery, but now they're more aware of trends, just as they are with their clothing.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's European style starter braceletChildren's European style charmsChildren's European style charms



Now named "European style," these classic beads and charms remain popular for all age groups. "Children's European style bracelets" remain one of our most popular search phrases.

A great idea for baby and children's bracelets, when each year, for birthdays and Christmas gifts, for rewards and other celebrations, another bead can be given to add to her bracelet. When it is full, it will tell the story of her life.

At the present time, we stock silver plated starter bracelets in various styles, including a beautiful, highly polished starter bangle. We have genuine, quality leather and rubber European style starter bracelets. All superb quality to withstand the rigours of childhood.

Add to your bracelet from the range of sterling silver European style beads, also silver plated, some with enameling, and lampwork beads. Enjoy building her bracelet yourself or let her choose her own.

Want a ready made children's European style bracelet? Or a matching mother/baby or mother/child European style bracelet? These are also available in three different colourways!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

What does "Hypoallergenic" Mean?

22/06/2015 7:51:34 PM



Sterling silver, adjustable baby bangle

Some people think it means that an object, when it comes in contact with the skin, won't cause any adverse reaction.

But in fact, the truth is, it's relative. Because everyone's different, what is hypoallergenic to one person, isn't to another.

Some people think an item must not be hypoallergenic if it tarnishes when worn. This is not the case. All precious metals tarnish in certain circumstances, and each person's skin is different. Some people find all precious metals tarnish on them, others, only some.  Others, none at all.

Sterling silver can go black on some and green on others. A silver bracelet may leave a green tinge on the wrist, for example. This is caused by the sulphur compounds on the skin and in the air. It doesn't mean there's nickel or some other toxic metal in the silver compound.

As far as children's jewellery is concerned, it is usually children's earrings that cause some sort of reaction. Some people are even sensitive to sterling silver and gold. In these cases, they are usually able to wear surgical steel earrings.

Occasionally baby bracelets in both silver and gold, can tarnish but this is easily fixed wtih a buff up using a Jeweller's polishing cloth, or your local jeweller should be able to clean it. Other items which can cause a problem is the tarnishing of sterling silver chains. Again, they can be cleaned.

When storing your outgrown baby jewellery, pop them in a small zip-lock plastic bag, and press out the air as you close it. This will keep out any sulphur compounds in the air and the items will stay like new for years.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Piccolo has arrived!

27/07/2012 10:47:56 AM

Just arrived is our first shipment of the beautiful Italian designer children's jewellery, Piccolo.  Two of their latest designs, a classic 9K gold baby and children's ID bracelet, and an equally classic children's charm bracelet with pink enamel hearts.

Highly polished, beautifully made and finished, these bracelets are destined to be family keepsakes.  

If you have baby portraits booked for your baby and want something special for her to wear, or perhaps she's turning one or two in the near future and you want an outstanding piece of baby jewellery for her to keep always, now is the time to check out our Piccolo bracelets.  

For a limited time only, our Piccolo baby bracelets are well under the recommended retail price, so don't leave it too long.

Happy shopping!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Big Year So Far for Baby Jewels

05/07/2012 6:36:41 PM

We are into our third year of retailing baby and children's jewellery online and it is looking like being our best.  We've added a lot of new lines to our range with plans for even more.  We're getting our sales in the post 98% of the time, on the same day of purchase and we are currently organising new jewellery pouches to be made in white velvet with our logo silk screened on the front.  These will make a nicer gift and will be sturdy enough for a little girl's jewellery to be kept safely in the pouch until she needs a jewellery box of her own.

Our children's earrings category has grown by over a dozen styles since our third year began.  But our baby bracelets category has grown the most, with nearly 2 dozen new styles, not to mention lots of new children's bracelets now on site.

Our children's necklaces category has also grown, with 6 new necklaces in the last 3 months.  

And our baby and children's anklet category has also grown, though some styles have sold out (but will be restocked asap.)

GFC notwithstanding, it's clear that, like me, other people adore baby and children's jewellery, that it makes a superb and much loved gift for any little girl (or boy) and makes the recipient feel more special than just about any other type of gift.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

From my research, Australia is following other Western nations in ridding toxic metals in children's toys and jewellery.  Fortunately the rules have been tightened in the USA and as a result, suppliers of baby jewellery and children's jewellery are keen to remove anything toxic from their products in order to be able to continue supplying the US.  It is only recently it has been discovered that dangers lurk in some metals and crystals, not dangerous to adults, but to kids under the age of 12, who put things in their mouths.

Crystals have come under scrutiny and it appears the problem lies in a child under 12 actually sucking on the crystal, and therby ingesting lead.  Swarovski crystals have been removed from children's earrings, baby bracelets etc., in fact all children's jewellery, replaced by lead-free Czech crystals which are just as pretty.  This has been achieved even though Swarovski crystals have a binding coating to actually prevent the leaching of lead and are actually safe.  

Manufacturers are keen to distance themselves from anything containing a metal that's toxic to babies and children.

The problem lies more in the dubious alloy of metals and crystals found in cheap (but pretty) children's jewellery sold on stands in department stores, usually near the checkout where children are attracted by the colours and designs, which are, admittedly, very sweet.  The paints used in some children's toys can also contain lead.  

Please note it's not the wearing of the contaminated jewellery that places our kids at risk, or by playing with the toy, but if a child somehow sucks on it, it can raise their blood lead levels to dangerous levels.  We must always be on the look out for risks to our children, wherever they lurk. 

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Straight from the traditional source, our Cambodian jingle bells baby and children's anklets have arrived.  I spent the morning trying them on my neighbour's baby and pre-schooler.  We all fell in love with them.

In case you haven't heard the story about these anklets, they are traditionally worn by babies and small children in Cambodian villages.  Often the villages are on the sides of mountains and mothers felt a need to know where their crawling or toddling babies were at all times.  These tinkling anklets are their little safety devices.

Baby anklets of any kind look adorable on a chubby ankle, but these, with their tiny, softly tinkling bells, are just beautiful.  The children's size looks nice loose, draped over the top of the child's foot.

What I really like about these traditional ones is, the tinkling isn't annoying like others I've seen.  The sterling silver bells are made not to irritate, so that baby can move without a loud jingling constantly.  The sound is quite soft, and pleasant to the ear.  

These baby anklets and children's anklets (we have them in both sizes) are now among my most favourite of the baby jewellery and children's jewellery we have.  

In our Anklets Category.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

As advised weeks ago, we have finally received the first two designs of children's earrings with safety screwbacks to add to our baby and children's jewellery website.

Eventually, we intend to have a lot more but we are starting with two exquisite designs, both in 14K yellow gold.  One is a sweet little cz flower, in pink and white.  The other is a tiny 7mm butterfly in white and dark pink cz.  

I've had a lot of requests for children's safety screwbacks this year.  They are hard to find and at this point, I haven't found any in sterling silver.  I'm not sure exactly why this is the case, and I haven't given up because I want to extend our baby and children's earrings category to include a good range of screwbacks.

As soon as I can hold down our webmaster, a new category as an off-shoot from the children's earrings category, will be created, to house our new range and make them easier to find on the website.

I will be sending out some emails to those who showed interest in these new earrings in the coming days.  

Screwbacks are popular because the backs can't be pulled off.  This means that when you're pulling a top off over your child's head, the "back" can't become caught in the fabric and be tugged off.  Also, little ones who fiddle with their earrings, usually when they are getting used to wearing them, cannot, without a bit of dexterity, remove the backs.  This is because the rod and the back are threaded and need to be unscrewed, not easy for little fingers.

In the next few months, we'll be getting more, so watch this space!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

European Style Children's Bracelets

28/05/2012 7:05:41 PM

Yes, we are not allowed to use the "P" word but we all know the gorgeous little blocky beads you can choose (at great cost from the jeweller) to build little bracelets that are colourful or mellow, sparkly or sophisticated.  Well, now Baby Jewels had new stock arrive today and you can now choose your own european starter bracelets (from silver, leather or rubber!)  Then, choose your own beads.  We have a nice collection to start off with, including ladybugs, rabbits, pearls, hearts, flowers and butterflies, plus spacers and colourful Murano and faceted glass beads. Type in " European" into the search box and see what comes up! 

We found that our most frequently used search phrase on the website is P... (yes the "P" word!)  Well, we call them European, in order to do the "right thing."  So if you type in that word, up will come all the European bracelets and beads.

Build your own children's bracelets in the "P" style, personalising them to suit each child.

Just another style of children's jewellery at Baby Jewels!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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