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The Popular Baby Bangle

25/01/2017 7:06:46 AM

Exquisitely embossed baby bangle

When Baby Jewels was born, baby bracelets were our biggest seller.  They still are very popular but gradually over the last seven years, baby bangles have been emerging as the most popular baby jewellery item.  

More and more styles are becoming available and now, there's a baby bangle for every occasion.  Firstly the newborn bangles which usually expand to be worn over that first rapid growth year, are popular.  The most popular are the Christening bangles. Baby Christening bangles come in all styles, from traditional to contemporary.  First birthday bangles are next, and this size will last her much longer due to the most rapid growth year being over.  

All baby bangles are great keepsakes.  Once outgrown they can be passed on to younger siblings or stored in a safe place until the baby is an adult when she will be thrilled to receive her first jewellery as a keepsake, perhaps even to be passed on to her own children. 

Storage is easy, they take up very little space and only need a buff up with a jewellery cloth and, best of all, baby bangles never go out of style!

Which makes them the most perfect gift idea ever, for a baby!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Family Keepsakes

03/08/2012 9:02:27 AM

I had an email in response to an article I wrote about the keeping of special items from previous generations.  The article was in reference to the idea of keeping the first baby bracelet or first children's earrings as a keepsake, to return to her when she's an adult, possibly on the occasion of the birth of her first daughter.  Or perhaps her 21st.

A young woman, she had just had her first baby, a girl, and her mother visited her that first day in hospital with a beautifully wrapped box.  What was inside, was "to thrill her beyond already being thrilled to bits" as she described it to me.

Her mother had secretly stored her daughter's first baby bracelet, her baby brooch and her first children's earrings, and had never mentioned them to her in all her growing up years.  What she saw in that box was a bracelet as beautiful now as it must have been 26 years previously when she received it from her mother on the occasion of her birth.  It was a little 9ct gold ID bracelet with locket.  When her mother told her the story behind the jewellery, she said she had no recollection of the bracelet, in her own memory.  The brooch, a gift from her godmother, was worn on her matinee jackets which were popular baby attire back then.  She had seen photos of herself as a baby, wearing the brooch but never knew what had happened to it.  Seeing those first earrings again, refreshed her memory of them.  They were tiny, silver butterflies. 

This young woman was blown away by this gesture of love, on the part of her mother.  She said it made the birth of her own baby all the more special and she vowed to keep her baby jewellery safe and pass it back to her own daughter when she grew up. 

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Are all babies born with blue eyes?

21/06/2012 7:56:46 AM

I was looking at and admiring our beautiful lapis baby bracelet, one of my favourite pieces of baby jewellery, on the website.  The lapis is the deepest blue you ever saw - except for that deep well of blue you see in a newborn's eyes.  

Which got me thinking, about how many children are born with blue eyes - because blue coloured jewellery for newborns is very popular, I suppose, given that their eyes are so blue at that point, and the jewelry is purchased to bring out the blue of their eyes.  

I did a quick Google search (isn't Google wonderful?) and found wiki.answers.com who advised that yes, all humans are born with blue eyes, but not all stay blue, of course.

Blue eyes are caused by a recessive gene but almost all baby's eyes change colour over a period of time.  Some will change a lot, some will perhaps only change slightly.  But most will change.  

But while they are small, they will stare at you with those piercing blue eyes.  If they are also wearing that deep blue, their eye colour will seem all the more startling!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Personalising your gift of a baby bracelet, baby necklace or children's bracelet, is easy.  The obvious answer is to purchase an item which can be engraved.  The inside of a bangle, the ID plate of a baby ID bracelet, and some pendants, offer that option.  

If you simply want to make baby bracelet different, or embellished, think about adding a lobster claw charm.  These days children's charms come in all just about any theme you can dream up.  For a newborn, whose personality is probably still an unknown, you can add a charm that relates to her mother.  For example, did she go mad on eating a certain food group when she was pregnant?  Cherry charms, apple charms, banana charms, icecream charms and many others are available.  Add one of these charms to the baby bracelet and it will always have special significance to the family, especially her mother.  A little girl's bracelet is easier.  By now, she has developed a personality, acquired likes and dislikes, habits, hobbies and talents. Add a children's charm that represents something specific to her, and you are adding charm, character, memories to your gift and your gift is more likely to eventually become a family keepsake.

Personalising jewellery is very popular at the moment.  But if you want to buy a baby or children's jewellery gift that will be passed on down to future siblings and even the next generation, choose something less personalised, so that it will suit these future babies.  Some jewellery gifts can even be passed on to boys, so think carefully about your decision, especially if you're planning on buying a gold item that will stay in the family for a long time.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Over the last two decades, freshwater pearls have become very popular in baby and children's jewellery.  Most particulary for babies, especially newborns and for Christenings.  Pearls represent purity so they are the perfect choice.  But older girls look beautiful in pearls too.  The naturally occurring colours of genuine freshwater pearls (pinks, creamy whites, mauves and silvers) are very flattering to baby and children's perfect complexions.  

A tiny pearl baby bracelet is the most popular jewellery item in freshwater pearls.  A stretchy bracelet, fitting neatly on a roly poly wrist, looks beautiful.  Older girls like and look great in a freshwater pearl children's necklace.  These necklaces can be fitted with various children's charms and pendants - in sterling silver, gold, crystals or more pearls!  Purchase one with an extension for growth and you will see her wearing her necklace for years.

To complete a dressy outfit, such as a flowergirl outfit, a pair of children's earrings in freshwater pearls, is perfect, in a matching or contrasting colour to her dress.

And the best thing about pearls is, they can be worn casually as well as for special occasions.  Pearls are really versatile and make the perfect baby or children's gift

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

I thought some of these trends might be interesting to the kids' jewellery fans out there!  I've been doing some reserach and reading surveys and have found some interesting results, some of which are showing evidence of, at Baby Jewels, some not.

Firstly it seems that even in challenging times, we all love to spoil our children.  

The difference is, we all now want value for money as a priority.  It seems few of us are willing to pay $300 for a gold baby bracelet and that sterling silver wins hands down in the popularity stakes at the present time.  With the price of sterling silver rising rapidly over the last couple of years, it will be interesting to see if the trend moves back to gold, in the long term.

Secondly, there is a trend towards children making their jewellery choices themselves, however it's been found that the item must also please Mum, or Grandmother, or it will not be bought.  

Children are getting more sophisticated and like to wear what Mum and older sister wear which we've seen in the popularity of designs that come in both mother and child sizes. It seems there is a trend to make children's necklaces in more sophisticated designs, with extensions in length, so that Mum can also wear them! 

Children a generation or two ago, might have been happy with a toy for their birthday, but today, they like clothing and jewellery.  A beautiful children's necklace, a grown up looking children's bracelet, or, more recently, and in Summertime, an anklet, is what gives them that thrill.  

The baby market remains the same:  Cute and modern, or classic and traditional, with baby jewellery gifts purchased for Christenings, Naming Days, Baptisms, birthdays and Christmas.

More next time, about what kids like.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Personalised baby jewellery is very popular at the moment.  This can mean simply adding a charm with significance to the baby bangle or bracelet, or even her children's necklace.  Or it can mean engraving a personal message.  The message can be from the giver to the recipient or it can simply be her birth date or name, or even something generic, like the word "Baby" (very popular generations ago, where baby jewellery recycling was the norm) or the word, "Angel" or "Princess" or "Darling."

Pretty pink ribbons tied in a bow on the bracelet or bangle, or a pink crystal denoting a baby girl, are also popular.

This is why children's charm bracelets are so popular.  Each birthday and Christmas or major event in her life can bring a new charm to her bracelet, one that signifies something personal to the recipient.  A big sister charm given after a new sibling arrives, a kitten charm when she's given her first pet, a toothfairy charm when she loses her first baby tooth, a charm featuring ballet shoes when she starts ballet lessons.  These bracelets can tell the story of her young life.  

The trend to personalise probably signals the end of family jewellery recycling.  Often these days, babies and small children have their own jewellery box and have already begun a collection by their first birthdays.  All going to plan, this collection will grow over the years and be kept as a childhood momento, rather than being passed down to new siblings, cousins, or the next generation.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Gemstone Jewellery for Children

06/04/2012 7:54:05 AM

Some people shy away from gemstones for babies and children but we've found our gemstone baby and children's bracelets to be very popular.  I also think their photos don't do them justice.  That inner glow that some gemstones have, seems to be lost in the photos.  I always picture the face of the buyer, when they arrive, being thrilled to bits with their new bracelet baby gift, thinking that it's even nicer than they expected!

It's not so much a sparkle as a gleam or a glow that our lapis, garnet, rose quartz and amethyst baby bracelets have.  Rose quartz has it in buckets and is very flattering on baby's skin.  Rose quartz is also said to have soothing and healing properties.

Our lapis baby bracelet is a deep blue.  The same colour of a new baby's eyes.  

We have very few gemstone children's earrings and children's necklaces, however, we do have some cz versions of various gemstones.  But I have been searching specifically for some beautiful gemstone baby earrings in amethyst, rose quartz, garnet and lapis to match the bracelets we already have.  I may have to design them and have them made up especially.  We've had a few of our stock items made especially and they've been a huge success.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

The Joys of Childhood

28/03/2012 6:39:21 AM

We all try to create happy and healthy lives for our kids.  Part of that is not over-indulging them, but the joy created by a surprise gift of something really special, is something we all remember from our own childhoods.

When I was a child, few of us ever received baby or children's jewellery but these days many do.  But sometimes our grandmothers indulged us with a little baby bracelet when we were born, or, over the years, for a birthday or a special reward, a beautiful little children's bracelet.  These were treasured, but rarely, was it the beginning of a collection.  Our collections were stamps, coins, shells and pebbles from the beach.

Times have changed and children still get a kick out of a special gift, especially one that's unexpected, for example, one that comes as a reward for something well done.  

Today, children are more likely to have a small jewellery collection, safely stored in a pretty children's jewellery box, which they can show their friends.  The first one may have been received before they were even born, at her mother's Baby Shower.  Baby bracelets, if the gender of the baby is known, are a very popular baby shower gift.  Then, when the baby is born, grandmothers often give a second baby bracelet, to be added to her collection.  By the time the little girl starts school, she's likely to have 2 or more children's bracelets and, likely having her ears pierced, children's earrings and a children's necklace or two.  Birthdays, Christenings, Christmases - these are all occasions when baby jewellery or children's jewellery is given.  

Children' know that jewellery is "special" and their faces, when opening their gifts, show that excitement that we remember from our own childhood when we were given something totally, unexpectedly, special.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Tips for Buying Baby Jewellery

23/03/2012 3:51:59 PM

1. Buying traditional style jewellery for babies will mean the item will not lose appeal as the decades go by and can be used by later generations.

2.  Baby ID Bracelets are traditional but to ensure they are worn again by future babies, keep any engraving generic to suit any baby who wears it.

3.  Baby earrings need to be not only small, but have shorter rods.  The earring itself must not overwhelm a tiny lobe.  Nuts (or "backs") should be tightly fitting.

4.  When buying a baby bracelet, ensure there is an extension for growth, because babies are not tiny for long. Ditto with baby bangles - most expanding bangles will ensure another 2-4 years of wear.  

5.  Buying a baby charm bracelet (naked) is a great idea because the gift of a charm for each following birthday is easy.  Choose children's charms that represent something important in her life.

6.  Boy babies too, are wearing jewellery these days.  Gold, silver, leather or cord extending bracelets, often with a masculine charm such as a soccer ball for an older boy or an insect or animals for a baby, are popular.

7.  Stretchy bracelets make getting the baby bracelet on and off much easier.

8.  Hinged baby bangles also make putting on and off, much easier.

9.  Baby bracelets with lots of colour for example, enamelling, colourful crystals or Millefiori beads make black and white baby portraits special by having the bracelet left in full colour.

10.  Avoid chain store baby jewellery.  Often these items are very pretty and the price makes them very attractive, but they very often contain lead, nickel, cadmium and possibly other, dangerous metals.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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