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How many of us fear the day our daughters say, "Mum, can I have my ears pierced?"  How many of us remember the "allergies" and the infections and the unending "cleaning" that goes on for weeks after the piercing?  And the constant asking, "Can I change my earrings now?"
There are blue skies on the horizon!  Piercing these days generally includes stainless steel (surgical steel) earrings which don't cause any irritation which has been a major step in the right direction.  Secondly, and most importantly, we are no longer told to "turn the earrings daily."  What?  Won't they "grow" onto the ear?  No they don't.  Simply leave them alone for four weeks.  It's now known that the constant turning kept the inside of the ear raw and open to infection.  Once a day, dab the ear with cleansing lotion, supplied when the ears were pierced.  It's painless, quick and simple, even the smallest child can do it herself.  
In four weeks the inside of the ear will be healed and will have come away from the rod of the earring and it will slip out without bother.  I know this because I had my own ears pierced a year ago.  Then, some real children's earrings shopping can be done! 
The best value is sterling silver.  It won't cause irritation, it's a reasonable price, and the range of designs is massive, if you look online.  9 or 14K gold is next best but it's more expensive.  Towards Spring time, I'll be ordering some 14K screwback earrings that are just exquisite, in plenty of time for Christmas.  I'm so looking forward to putting them on the site.  The screwbacks are push on, unscrew off, and suitable for young children who might otherwise "play" with her earrings.  
I'm unsure why children's earrings aren't also made in surgical steel, like the ones that are used when ears are pierced.  But I've searched children's jewellery wholesalers the world over and can't find any.  
Perhaps people just like the idea of sterling silver or gold better?
Posted By Jennifer Gregory

I am looking at a whole new range of baby earrings and children's earrings.  I already have a huge range on the website but so far, no screwbacks and people are wanting them.  So I've found a good supplier but the costs involved make them too expensive unless you buy an awful lot of them.  

So before Christmas, I'm going to look at them again and place a largish order, to make it worthwhile and to keep the prices per item, to a reasonable level.

Talking to customers who write to me via the Contact box, I know that kids often put in their "orders" for children's jewellery.  They might say, I want some dolphin earrings, or butterfly earrings, or pink crystal earrings etc.  But many parents/aunties/godmothers etc. buy children earrings that they personally like, and you can bet the kids do too, when they see them.  (I haven't seen any kids' earrings yet, which weren't super-cute!)  

So at Baby Jewels, we try to stock earrings that kids want specifically, as well as those that are much loved and chosen by adults for their children.  So if your child asks for a certain design of earrings, we currently have them in butterflies, dolphins, dragonflies, flowers, penguins, ladybugs, rabbits, bees, stars, hearts, crosses, turtles, koalas, snails, toadstools, owls, Bambis, Nemos, teddy bears, frogs, giraffes, cupcakes, apples, bows, strawberries, starfish, pearls, fairies, crystals, elephants and hoops!  

For family members who want to choose something classical, we have a range of more traditional styles, including gold, silver, cz stones and gemstones.  Often these are similar to adult's earrings only tinier.  The new range of screwbacks we plan on getting will include a lot of these more classic styles, in 14K gold.  But also some cute styles with colourful enamelling.  Can't wait!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

First Baby Earrings

13/04/2012 1:29:07 PM

Baby earrings are becoming more popular now that mothers are having their babies' ears pierced at a much younger age than ever before.  For this reason, I felt it important to discuss the piercing of baby ears and what type of earrings are suitable for our littlies.

Firstly, I've done some research into paediatrician's advice regarding the piercing of babies' ears.  The recommendation is that piercing wait until three months.  This is to give baby a chance to build up her immune system so that if, in the unfortunate event that her ears become infected, she has the strength to fight the infection quickly.

After three months, just take the usual precautions which will be outlined at the time of piercing.  You should be supplied with, or purchase a bottle of sterilising solution.  Baby's ears should be cleaned at least once daily. 

The old advice to turn the earrings daily, no longer holds.  Wait for 30 days, then gently turn.  The piercing should be fully healed by that stage and the earring should turn easily.

There is little difference between baby and children's earrings, at least in the early years.  The rod length should be shorter than adult earrings, however, the thickness of a child's earlobes changes very little for many years, so any small children's earrings will be fine for baby.  Later, little girls might like larger earrings, but for the meantime, choose tiny earrings that don't overwhelm a tiny lobe, and ensure there are no sharp edges on the earrings.  

Choose sterling silver or gold rods or, if you can find them, stainless steel (or surgical steel.)  These metals are the most hypoallergenic and will therefore be most unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.  

Often, children's earrings come in sets with either baby bracelets or baby necklaces.  The sets look especially good for Christenings, Naming Days, Birthdays and Christmases and of course, her baby portraits.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Gemstone Jewellery for Children

06/04/2012 7:54:05 AM

Some people shy away from gemstones for babies and children but we've found our gemstone baby and children's bracelets to be very popular.  I also think their photos don't do them justice.  That inner glow that some gemstones have, seems to be lost in the photos.  I always picture the face of the buyer, when they arrive, being thrilled to bits with their new bracelet baby gift, thinking that it's even nicer than they expected!

It's not so much a sparkle as a gleam or a glow that our lapis, garnet, rose quartz and amethyst baby bracelets have.  Rose quartz has it in buckets and is very flattering on baby's skin.  Rose quartz is also said to have soothing and healing properties.

Our lapis baby bracelet is a deep blue.  The same colour of a new baby's eyes.  

We have very few gemstone children's earrings and children's necklaces, however, we do have some cz versions of various gemstones.  But I have been searching specifically for some beautiful gemstone baby earrings in amethyst, rose quartz, garnet and lapis to match the bracelets we already have.  I may have to design them and have them made up especially.  We've had a few of our stock items made especially and they've been a huge success.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's earrings - for Adults!

03/04/2012 8:29:11 AM

Some children's earrings are not only suitable for babies and children, but also adults.  For example, we expect our lobes will be too thick to wear children's earrings, but in most cases, our ear lobes are only marginly thicker than a child's.  It's a part of our body, like our eyes, that doesn't change much in size as we grow up.  Even baby earrings can be worn by most adults, unless the adult ear lobe is especially thickened for some reason.

We wouldn't consider our penguin earrings, our toadstool earrings, our frog earrings or our giraffe earrings, for example. to be worn by adults, however, adults have purchased our children's amethyst cz drop earrings, our Rosaline pearl earrings, and our little cz stud earrings and many others, for themselves, on many occasions.  

Children's bracelets and children's necklaces are obviously not going to work on adults however, any of our earrings should fit just fine.  I wear them myself!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Earrings for Children and Babies

29/03/2012 3:50:25 PM

Parents are allowing their children to have their ears pierced in unprecidented numbers.  The faint stigma of children's pierced ears has gone for good and kids really love their newly pierced and adorned ears!

There was a time when only ethnic babies had their ears pierced, but no more.  Babies too, are sporting baby earrings of various shapes and hues and, no doubt, enjoy the added attention of those who notice their pretty earrings.

Earrings for children don't have to be very different from adult earrings.  Children's earrings generally have a shorter rod and tightly fitting "backs" to prevent loss.  Surprisingly, adult ear lobes are not much thicker than children's.  The earring itself is generally smaller, which is a safety issue and generally a reasonably hard and fast rule at schools.  Schools are not against children's earrings, however, they must be small and fit closely against the ear lobe.  Dangly children's earrings are generally not allowed at Australian schools but kids do love them, and keep them for outside school hours.  Dangly kids' earrings are enormously popular on our website.

Whereas children's necklaces and children's bracelets are generally not allowed at school, kids enjoy wearing a nice 'n neat pair of earrings.  Initially, they are very aware of them and might fiddle with them but after a while they are forgotten unless someone mentions them.  

A pretty children's jewellery box makes a great gift for kids with a growing collection of earrings and other kids' jewellery.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

You learn something every day.  There is a shop in our town which boasts "alternative" jewellery.  There's loads of sterling silver celtic and various ethnic styles of jewellery and they have a baby and children's jewellery section.

I didn't see much that I might describe as alternative, however they did have some interesting baby bracelets and baby necklaces made of amber and rose quartz.  Both stones are said to be beneficial against pain.  I spoke to the woman behind the counter who was only too happy to give me information about various gemstones.  

I knew there was a real surge in popularity of amber baby jewellery - it's advertised all over the www.  But I had never heard that other gemstones have "uses."  Rose quartz is the other main stone for babies and children.  Rose quartz also helps ease pain in the proximity of where the item is worn.  For example, a rose quartz or amber necklace is said to ease teething troubles. Amber or rose quartz baby earrings or children's earrings is said to ease ear-ache in babies and children.  

I remember when I was in hospital last year, I spoke to a nurse who wore an amber necklace and an amber bracelet and she told me she was looking for an amber anklet as well.  She suffers from Rhumatoid Arthritis and she swore the amber helped ease her joint pain.  Where she swung her arm, at the level of her wrist (hip height,) she'd lost all the pain in that area.  She was intending buying another amber bracelet for her other wrist, to ease the hip pain on the other side.

I had no doubt she believed in the effectiveness of amber.  

We don't have any amber baby or children's bracelets or necklaces at Baby Jewels, but we do have some rose quartz items, one a very special newborn baby bracelet in rose quartz.  We also have some rose quartz bracelets for children.  For mothers, we have some earrings in rose quartz. 

I'm going to do a search for amber items now, but apparently it has to be genuine Baltic amber.  First, I do need to do some more reading up on the subject.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Hearts, Butterflies and Ladybugs

25/03/2012 6:52:03 AM

These are the favourite features of baby and children's jewellery.  Hearts are traditionally popular, with filigree locket hearts on gold baby bracelets, which have been available for generations.  Hearts appear on baby bangles and children's bracelets as charms, children's necklaces as pendants and on children's earrings.  

It amazes me how many shapes a heart can be!  Long ones, twisted ones, chunky ones.  They can be linked with other hearts. They can have tiny pearls inside them, or a cz stone.  They can be colourfully hand-enamelled, sometimes with swirls or with dots in contrasting colour.  But ask any little girl, and most are likely to choose hearts first.

Butterflies are a more modern feature of children's jewellery.  It's hard to go wrong with butterflies - kids love them.  They can be hand enamelled, or covered in crystals in a variety of colours.  They can be pale and pastel or brightly patterned, just as in real life. Tiny butterflies appear in baby earrings, children's earrings, kids' pendant necklaces, as charms on bracelets and bangles or dangling from girls' anklets.  

Our third best seller is, perhaps surprisingly, ladybugs!  Red ones, pink ones, blue ones, kids and Mums alike adore ladybugs.  At Baby Jewels, we have them in all shapes and sizes.  

Other popular features?  Bunny rabbits, stars and moons, shells, teddy bears, ducks, bees and bumble bees, penguins, cupcakes, dragonflies, lucky clovers and dolphins for older girls and many more.  Some features are seen as suitable for boys as well as girls.  Boys' jewellery is becoming more and more popular, particularly leather bracelets which can be enhanced by the addition of a favourite children's charm or two.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Tips for Buying Baby Jewellery

23/03/2012 3:51:59 PM

1. Buying traditional style jewellery for babies will mean the item will not lose appeal as the decades go by and can be used by later generations.

2.  Baby ID Bracelets are traditional but to ensure they are worn again by future babies, keep any engraving generic to suit any baby who wears it.

3.  Baby earrings need to be not only small, but have shorter rods.  The earring itself must not overwhelm a tiny lobe.  Nuts (or "backs") should be tightly fitting.

4.  When buying a baby bracelet, ensure there is an extension for growth, because babies are not tiny for long. Ditto with baby bangles - most expanding bangles will ensure another 2-4 years of wear.  

5.  Buying a baby charm bracelet (naked) is a great idea because the gift of a charm for each following birthday is easy.  Choose children's charms that represent something important in her life.

6.  Boy babies too, are wearing jewellery these days.  Gold, silver, leather or cord extending bracelets, often with a masculine charm such as a soccer ball for an older boy or an insect or animals for a baby, are popular.

7.  Stretchy bracelets make getting the baby bracelet on and off much easier.

8.  Hinged baby bangles also make putting on and off, much easier.

9.  Baby bracelets with lots of colour for example, enamelling, colourful crystals or Millefiori beads make black and white baby portraits special by having the bracelet left in full colour.

10.  Avoid chain store baby jewellery.  Often these items are very pretty and the price makes them very attractive, but they very often contain lead, nickel, cadmium and possibly other, dangerous metals.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Earrings for Tiny Baby Ears

18/03/2012 6:19:09 PM

A new trend is emerging in baby jewellery.  Mothers are having their babies' ears pierced earlier and earlier these days.  It's become fairly standard for young girls to have their ears pierced around the time they start school and children's earrings designers have excelled with brilliant designs to keep up with the trend.  But now, those designers are working on designs for babies.  Because baby earrings are no longer the domain of daughters of migrants from India and a variety of other nations who traditionally pierce their babies' ears not long after birth.  

Has this meant that traditional baby jewellery such as baby bracelets and baby bangles are less popular, as baby earrings become more common?  From my experience, not at all.  Baby bracelets are still the most popular item of jewellery for babies and small girls.  Now they are being matched up to her new earrings!

Baby earrings should have tightly fitting backs and slightly shorter rods, though it's amazing how little difference the thickness of an adult ear-lobe is, to a baby's.  But shorter rods will ensure that when she lies on her side, the rod is not annoying her.  She will quickly forget she has earrings and enjoy the extra attention people give her as they admire her new earrings!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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