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Children's gold heart necklaceSterling silver children's braceletSterling silver Dolphin Children's Earrings


Traditionally, children's bracelets have been the most popular children's jewellery gifts. This includes bangles, and particularly, in the early years, bangles that adjust for growth, as they ensure a longer fit during the rapid growth years. As kids get older, more "adult" styles appeal, particularly once they reach their teens.

Many kids have pierced ears these days, even babies. And don't they love their earrings!  Not quite as traditional a gift, but children's earrings are certainly a popular choice these days, with more and more choosing screw back earrings especially for very young children who haven't had their ears pierced for very long and may be prone to "fiddling." Fiddling often causes push on backs to come off, resulting in a lost earring.

Children's screw back earrings are more expensive initially, but could save money in the long run as they hold the earring on more securely and are difficult for little fingers to remove.

Children's necklaces are a particular favourite in our family. Currently we have a collection of around 140 styles, many of which are available on your choice of chain length, to ensure that perfect look and fit. Chains of all lengths are available separately, for when the child outgrows her current chain. This way, she can wear her little baby necklace right through her childhood. A great value gift, are children's necklaces.

In Summer, for Summer birthday girls, anklets are very popular. We have a huge range of plated children's anklets which are strong and durable, and though bargain priced, have the look of expensive anklets. All the girls in our family wear them!

Recently, we introduced a new category: Children's Rings. These are proving popular and are available in styles that suit small children as well as older girls. They adjust with growth, to ensure years of wear.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's Message Necklaces

30/08/2015 2:12:03 PM

Children's message necklaces


Message jewellery has long been popular, with stamped or engraved or embossed messages on disks, to wear as charms on children's bracelets or children's necklaces.

The message represents a degree of "personalisation" on a gifted piece of jewellery for children.

Just arrived, are a group of 4 new message necklaces with messages of love, messages for music lovers and messages of luck and happiness. These children's necklaces are sterling silver, but each item has an additional piece of 14k gold over sterling silver. The mix of sterling silver and gold together is stunning.

All of our new children's necklaces are 16 inches but with an extension of another 2 inches for growth, to serve them right into adulthood.

A special gift she'll treasure for years.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Big Year So Far for Baby Jewels

05/07/2012 6:36:41 PM

We are into our third year of retailing baby and children's jewellery online and it is looking like being our best.  We've added a lot of new lines to our range with plans for even more.  We're getting our sales in the post 98% of the time, on the same day of purchase and we are currently organising new jewellery pouches to be made in white velvet with our logo silk screened on the front.  These will make a nicer gift and will be sturdy enough for a little girl's jewellery to be kept safely in the pouch until she needs a jewellery box of her own.

Our children's earrings category has grown by over a dozen styles since our third year began.  But our baby bracelets category has grown the most, with nearly 2 dozen new styles, not to mention lots of new children's bracelets now on site.

Our children's necklaces category has also grown, with 6 new necklaces in the last 3 months.  

And our baby and children's anklet category has also grown, though some styles have sold out (but will be restocked asap.)

GFC notwithstanding, it's clear that, like me, other people adore baby and children's jewellery, that it makes a superb and much loved gift for any little girl (or boy) and makes the recipient feel more special than just about any other type of gift.  

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

European Style Children's Bracelets

28/05/2012 7:05:41 PM

Yes, we are not allowed to use the "P" word but we all know the gorgeous little blocky beads you can choose (at great cost from the jeweller) to build little bracelets that are colourful or mellow, sparkly or sophisticated.  Well, now Baby Jewels had new stock arrive today and you can now choose your own european starter bracelets (from silver, leather or rubber!)  Then, choose your own beads.  We have a nice collection to start off with, including ladybugs, rabbits, pearls, hearts, flowers and butterflies, plus spacers and colourful Murano and faceted glass beads. Type in " European" into the search box and see what comes up! 

We found that our most frequently used search phrase on the website is P... (yes the "P" word!)  Well, we call them European, in order to do the "right thing."  So if you type in that word, up will come all the European bracelets and beads.

Build your own children's bracelets in the "P" style, personalising them to suit each child.

Just another style of children's jewellery at Baby Jewels!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Cheap Metal Children's Jewellery

14/05/2012 9:28:23 AM

News again this morning of another load of children's jewellery arriving in Australia, containing lead, nickel and/or cadmium.  

I've seen these items on displays at various department stores in recent years.  They are very cute, very cheap and kids love them.  They are often bought by Nannas who want to put a smile on their grandkids' faces.

But sadly, hidden inside these pretty little children's bracelets (mainly, but also children's necklaces and children's earrings) are metals that can do harm for our under-12s.  

Please beware when buying these items.  It's possible to purchase some cheap children's jewellery that's free of these toxic metals, but if there isn't a sign up saying, "lead, nickel and cadmium free" then please don't touch them.  

Gold and silver don't contain these dangerous metals.  Yes, gold and silver is more expensive, but sterling silver in particular, is still quite reasonably priced.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

New Children's Earrings

11/04/2012 12:09:11 PM

I'm in love with a new range of children's earrings which have just arrived.  They have sterling silver hooks, but the earring is made of Fimo.  I'd never seen Fimo earrings before.  They are a great idea.  Very light, almost weightless, and the colours and awesome.

One pair are frangipanis.  Coming from an area where every second yard has a frangipani tree, they are a favourite, in their pinks and yellows.  I almost caught myself sniffing them for that beautiful fresh scent!

A company that makes Fimo children's jewellery have been sending me catalogues for some time, but only children's bracelets so far.  I want to keep to precious metals and leather at this stage, but I was just so taken with these Fimo kids' earrings.  The hooks are 925 sterling silver, so there's no problem with allergic reactions.

Do a search for "Fimo" and you'll understand why I love them so much!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Gemstone Jewellery for Children

06/04/2012 7:54:05 AM

Some people shy away from gemstones for babies and children but we've found our gemstone baby and children's bracelets to be very popular.  I also think their photos don't do them justice.  That inner glow that some gemstones have, seems to be lost in the photos.  I always picture the face of the buyer, when they arrive, being thrilled to bits with their new bracelet baby gift, thinking that it's even nicer than they expected!

It's not so much a sparkle as a gleam or a glow that our lapis, garnet, rose quartz and amethyst baby bracelets have.  Rose quartz has it in buckets and is very flattering on baby's skin.  Rose quartz is also said to have soothing and healing properties.

Our lapis baby bracelet is a deep blue.  The same colour of a new baby's eyes.  

We have very few gemstone children's earrings and children's necklaces, however, we do have some cz versions of various gemstones.  But I have been searching specifically for some beautiful gemstone baby earrings in amethyst, rose quartz, garnet and lapis to match the bracelets we already have.  I may have to design them and have them made up especially.  We've had a few of our stock items made especially and they've been a huge success.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Children's earrings - for Adults!

03/04/2012 8:29:11 AM

Some children's earrings are not only suitable for babies and children, but also adults.  For example, we expect our lobes will be too thick to wear children's earrings, but in most cases, our ear lobes are only marginly thicker than a child's.  It's a part of our body, like our eyes, that doesn't change much in size as we grow up.  Even baby earrings can be worn by most adults, unless the adult ear lobe is especially thickened for some reason.

We wouldn't consider our penguin earrings, our toadstool earrings, our frog earrings or our giraffe earrings, for example. to be worn by adults, however, adults have purchased our children's amethyst cz drop earrings, our Rosaline pearl earrings, and our little cz stud earrings and many others, for themselves, on many occasions.  

Children's bracelets and children's necklaces are obviously not going to work on adults however, any of our earrings should fit just fine.  I wear them myself!

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

Earrings for Children and Babies

29/03/2012 3:50:25 PM

Parents are allowing their children to have their ears pierced in unprecidented numbers.  The faint stigma of children's pierced ears has gone for good and kids really love their newly pierced and adorned ears!

There was a time when only ethnic babies had their ears pierced, but no more.  Babies too, are sporting baby earrings of various shapes and hues and, no doubt, enjoy the added attention of those who notice their pretty earrings.

Earrings for children don't have to be very different from adult earrings.  Children's earrings generally have a shorter rod and tightly fitting "backs" to prevent loss.  Surprisingly, adult ear lobes are not much thicker than children's.  The earring itself is generally smaller, which is a safety issue and generally a reasonably hard and fast rule at schools.  Schools are not against children's earrings, however, they must be small and fit closely against the ear lobe.  Dangly children's earrings are generally not allowed at Australian schools but kids do love them, and keep them for outside school hours.  Dangly kids' earrings are enormously popular on our website.

Whereas children's necklaces and children's bracelets are generally not allowed at school, kids enjoy wearing a nice 'n neat pair of earrings.  Initially, they are very aware of them and might fiddle with them but after a while they are forgotten unless someone mentions them.  

A pretty children's jewellery box makes a great gift for kids with a growing collection of earrings and other kids' jewellery.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

A large percentage of our baby jewellery and children's jewellery at Baby Jewels is 925 sterling silver.  But what does that mean? Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. Why isn't it 100% silver?  Because pure silver is too soft a metal to use for children's jewellery. It would dent and bend, and be scratched too easily, especially by the often rougher handling by kids, and the scratches would dull the shine.  For this reason, other metals are added to the pure silver to harden the silver and make it suitable for children's bracelets, children's earrings and other items of jewellery which might not be handled with extreme care by its owner.  

Ok, so what other metals are added to pure silver to make it suitable for jewellery for kids?  Mostly, copper is added.  Copper hardens the alloy and doesn't change the look of pure silver.  What other metals might be added?  Usually none, but lately manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce tarnish and porosity and are experimenting with the addition of metals such as germanium, zinc and platinum.  

Quite often children's bracelets, children's charms and chidren's necklaces are coated (or plated) with platinum.  Why platinum? Platinum is an expensive metal much like silver, but is harder.  The coating (or plating) leaves the jewellery with a harder, shinier exterior which helps guard against scratches, which spell the death knell to the shine on new jewellery.  This means the jewellery will last longer, look new for far longer, but possibly, cost more.   Items which are hoped will become family heirlooms, may well be worth the extra cost so that the "new" look lasts through the years.

Posted By Jennifer Gregory

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