Are Baby Bracelets for Boys too?

Obviously, yes, they are! Since last year, the number of enquiries we receive about baby jewellery for boys, has increased. It's clear that more and more Mums are enjoying dressing their newborn boys or older baby boys in, most particularly, baby bracelets. Recently I had a father purchase a bracelet for his newborn son. I was pleasantly surprised to have some feedback from him. He wanted a garnet bracelet, the gemstone garnet, being his son's birthstone. We have a sterling silver and genuine garnet bracelet on the site which is quite ornate and this is what he chose. It was to be worn on special occasions including his son's Christening and in his baby portraits. Other purchases for boys have been our sterling silver angel bracelet, which has blue beads, our orangey yellow woven leather bracelets, and our black woven leather bracelets. Our baby brooch, especially made for our site, set with cz stones, has been purchased for a much loved son, to wear on his matinee jacket, hand made by his mother. Our multi-coloured ladybug bracelet is another which has been chosen for a boy, along with our chunky ball bracelet with bell. For older boys, we have a few items which have been purchased by mothers and Godmothers. These include the black leather boys bracelet with Nemo charm, also the black leather bracelet with duck charm. And for school-aged boys, we have the black leather bracelet with black and white soccer ball. Many baby charms have also been purchased for boys: the rocking horse charm being the most popular.
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