Baby and Children's jewellery - safety issues

Babies look adorable in their little baby bracelets, little girls look beautiful wearing a tiny pair of children's earrings. Older girls will feel very cool wearing an anklet or a children's necklace. But are there safety issues involved? Yes there are. Obviously for young babies and children, there is the danger of a piece of the jewellery being broken, particularly if it's a little large and it catches on something. The small piece broken off could become a choking hazard. That this could happen is very scary and therefore we always recommend a) baby jewellery fits properly to reduce it catching on something and b) that supervision is always on hand for children under 3, when they wear their jewellery. So when is it safe for them to wear their jewellery? At family/friend gatherings, where there are people who care, who will be keeping an eye on the baby, whereit's not just Mum's responsibility because Mum can be distracted, not just by conversation, but by her other children. Ensure there are plenty of people nearby who are watching her. Which is not hard, because she will look adorable in her little baby necklace or other piece of jewellery! If you have baby portraits done, this is an excellent time to dress her up in her best, including her perfect little pearl bracelet, or jingle bells anklet! Don't put her down for her nap wearing her jewellery unless it's a solid baby bangle, which has no pieces that can be broken off, and ensure it fits perfectly, so it doesn't catch on anything. Expanding baby bangles are an excellent idea, so that they fit correctly for a longer time. What are the chances of a baby breaking her jewellery and swallowing a piece? Babies are surprisingly strong. If her bracelet catches on something in her cot, or near where she's placed, and she tugs, her bracelet (for example) could break. The chances are, the pieces would drop out of sight, or to the ground and it's unlikely she would pick up a piece and put it in her mouth. But because it's certainly possible, we must never take that chance. After the age of three, children no longer seem to put everything they can reach, into their mouths, therefore, less supervision is required. We all want our babies safe as #1 priority and it's just a lovely bonus to see them wearing their special pieces of jewellery, (which are generally loving gifts from family,) especially in their photos, so they too, can enjoy seeing their jewellery in years to come in the family photos.
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