Baby and Children's Screw Back Earrings

Also known as safety screw back earrings, these earrings are the perfect earrings for first time earrings-wearers because they are tiny, light and comfortable, and the backs are screwed on tightly, as opposed to simply, pushed on. Little kids who have only recently had their ears pierced, tend to be aware of their earrings more than those who've had their ears pierced for a longer time. If the earrings are bulky, have any weight, have long rods which stick in to their heads behind their ears, or which move as she moves, the earrings will attract the attention of fiddly fingers. A small amount of "fiddling" can cause the back to fall of, when it's quickly lost. Then a small time later, the earring falls out and is also lost. In those early months, Mum can be called upon to buy numerous pairs of earrings to replace lost ones. Screw backs can prevent that happening. The sterling silver and 14K gold safety screw back earrings we currently stock, tick all the boxes. Once the capped backs are on, she will quickly forget she's wearing them because they will be very light and comfortable. The rods are short and the backs have caps over the point. If she does play with her earrings, it's much less likely that she can remove the backs so her earrings stay put and don't get lost. Therefore we feel comfortable advertising baby and children's screw back earrings as a great investment for first time earrings-wearers!
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