Baby and Children's Screwback Earrings - Exciting News!

Well, I have been unable to wait to order some children's screwback earrings, so...I have a few on their way.  I have had so many people contact me via the Contact Box on the site asking for them, I determined I would try a few before Christmas (which had been my plan!)

They are 14k yellow gold with sparkling cz stones.  More traditional, and so special, they are destined to become family keepsakes.  Being screwbacks, they are especially safe and secure.  Yes, they will be a little more expensive than other children's earrings I've got on the site, but they will be perfect for that very special gift, something that can be worn for many years, in fact, to adulthood. Imagine giving these as a Christening gift, a first Christmas or birthday gift, or to a little girl when she first gets her ears pierced.  Her family will recognise the "family heirloom" factor immediately.

So, they are ordered, and will be arriving from the United States within the next fortnight, I am hoping!  

There will be three screwback styles in 14K gold to start with:  

Highly polished yellow gold ball studs

Exquisite butterfly studs in ruby and clear cz in yellow gold

Stunning clear cz with tourmaline cz flower studs in yellow gold.

Eventually we'll increase our Children's Earrings category to have a subcategory to group our new children's screwbacks.

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