Baby Bracelets and Bangles

End of financial year here in Australia brings out the results of all sorts of information about the website over the last 12 months. What category was the most popular? Baby Bracelets and Bangles. (Unchanged over the last 3 years.) Fastest growing category? Children's Necklaces. (Last year it was Children's Earrings.) Which means, I think that when a new baby is born, or is about to be Christened, or is coming up for her first birthday, it's bracelets that most people think of. Part of the reason Children's necklaces have grown rapidly, I think, is because we've invested in a much wider range and most of the styles are just too irresistable! And kids just love to wear a necklace, we've found (three little granddaughters!) So, we'll continue to invest in new styles of jewellery in these two categories in particular over the next year.
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