Baby Bracelets - to personalise or not?

Personalised baby jewellery is very popular at the moment.  This can mean simply adding a charm with significance to the baby bangle or bracelet, or even her children's necklace.  Or it can mean engraving a personal message.  The message can be from the giver to the recipient or it can simply be her birth date or name, or even something generic, like the word "Baby" (very popular generations ago, where baby jewellery recycling was the norm) or the word, "Angel" or "Princess" or "Darling."

Pretty pink ribbons tied in a bow on the bracelet or bangle, or a pink crystal denoting a baby girl, are also popular.

This is why children's charm bracelets are so popular.  Each birthday and Christmas or major event in her life can bring a new charm to her bracelet, one that signifies something personal to the recipient.  A big sister charm given after a new sibling arrives, a kitten charm when she's given her first pet, a toothfairy charm when she loses her first baby tooth, a charm featuring ballet shoes when she starts ballet lessons.  These bracelets can tell the story of her young life.  

The trend to personalise probably signals the end of family jewellery recycling.  Often these days, babies and small children have their own jewellery box and have already begun a collection by their first birthdays.  All going to plan, this collection will grow over the years and be kept as a childhood momento, rather than being passed down to new siblings, cousins, or the next generation.

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