Baby Christening Jewellery

In recent years it has become the role of Godmother, grandmother or aunt, to make baby look her best on her special day. It has become increasingly popular for little babies to wear an item of jewellery on their Christening day. Often this item is a gift from the baby’s Godmother or Godfather or perhaps it’s an item bought by her mother or grandmother. Pearls are the most popular Christening day baby jewellery, in the form of a petite baby bracelet, or a silver chain with pearl pendant, or some tiny pearl earrings, if her ears are pierced. Regaining popularity in recent years, is the baby brooch, usually gold or silver. Baby Jewellery that's personalised in some way, for example engraving, is popular for Christenings. A tiny cross with her name engraved on the back, as a baby necklace, or as a charm on her little bracelet. Engravings can be the date of her Christening, or simply her initials. These items of baby jewellery are captured forever in the photos and portraits taken on her Christening Day.
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