Baby ID Bangles

In recent times, we've been expanding our range of sterling silver and gold baby ID bangles. This is because, as a keepsake gift, ID bangles tick all the boxes. They are expandable so that baby can wear her bangle for longer, they have exquisite embossing, or simply, highly polished. They have an ID plate for your personal message, or perhaps her name, her date of birth or something else personal - perhaps a nickname? They are beautiful and won't be forgotten because they'll be worn in all her baby portraits. Baby bracelets and bangles have always been the most popular gifts for babies, although we're seeing an increase in baby earrings and baby necklaces as well. These items are great keepsake gifts - popular in our throwaway society - because they are small, lightweight, easy to store without taking up much room, and they weather the years in storage very well, usually only needing a buff-up with a jeweller's cloth. Plus, baby jewellery doesn't date like clothing items. The ultimate aim is to present our little keepsake item to our own first baby. What could be more special than that? Just a tip: Grandmothers are good at storing keepsake items!
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