Baby Lockets

Children's lockets have been a traditional item of children's jewellery for generations but rarely do you find lockets for babies. A necklace on a baby is not dangerous if worn with supervision and removed before she's put down to sleep, especially if the chain is only 12-13 inches long which sits just below the neckline, not long enough to catch on anything, but also not tight enough to harm her. It will sit in the perfect spot, that will show off her locket, or if she's wearing a high-necked top, can be worn on the outside of the top. Baby necklaces are the perfect adornment for her baby portraits and special events in her young life, for example her Christening, first birthday, Christmas, family celebrations. Your gift will show up in all the family photos taken during her most important growing year! We've recently found the most adorable baby locket, which can be worn on an older child as well. It's sterling silver, is a petite size for a baby and has a picture of a "lotus fairy" on the top of the locket. It comes, perfect for gift-giving in a pink gift box with the same picture on the lid. Adorable, and perfect for her family keepsake, to be treasured always. Add a tiny photo or a snippet of hair and it'll be all the more treasured.
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