Baby Shower Boom

With pregnant celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson compiling an extravagant "baby gift list" it seems that giving guests an idea of the presents you would like them to get for you, is fast becoming popoular. 1 in 8 expectant Mums now creates such a list for their baby shower. This causes guests to spent a minimum of 50 pounds (AUD75 aprox.) on the gift, according to a recent article in a Parenting Magazine in the UK. Not sure I agree with this but since gift lists have become acceptable for weddings, perhaps this is the way of the future? In the same article, it shows what people are buying the lucky baby. Designer clothes, designer equipment, designer baby jewellery, designer toys. Wow! At Baby Jewels, we believe you don't have to spend a king's ransom to find a beautiful item, one worthy of being treasured forever by her family. Yes, we do have Piccolo Italian designer baby bracelets, and they are exceptional, but we also have many beautiful gift ideas for under $40 or under $30 even (check out our gorgeous baby necklaces!) Only yesterday we received an order for a baby shower gift - a tiny cross on a silver chain - $23 and will look divine, particularly on her Christening Day.
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