Baby Shower gifts

These days, it's possible to know the gender of a baby months before it is born.  Some parents opt to not be told this news, and I think they must be very strong-willed, to be able to know, yet opt to wait months until the birth, to find out.

But mostly, parents are happy to announce they are expecting a boy or a girl. This gives friends, sisters, aunties, grandparents and prospective God-parents the opportunity to purchase a gift for baby that will suit the gender.  

More and more, boy babies are being bought gifts of jewellery for the baby shower, and as a newborn gift.  At Baby Jewels, we have a number of unisex bracelets, a baby brooch and various necklaces which would suit a boy baby or older boy.  

But the vast majority of baby and children's jewellery is purchased for girls.  Knowing that the coming baby is a girl, a friend of relative can look to a feminine gift for the baby shower.  Baby bracelets are the all-time favourite jewellery gift.  More traditionally, aunties or grandparents who remember baby brooches from when they had babies, will purchase a little brooch or pin for baby's first jacket.

Very tiny baby bracelets are readily available in very special styles, which will thrill her mother and eventually, will become a family keepsake, to be given back to her as an adult, when her own first baby is born.  

Baby necklaces and earrings are generally given to older babies, most commonly for her Christening gift or first birthday gift.  

Most people will agree, it's hard to beat a piece of baby jewellery for a baby shower gift.

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