Beware Toxic Chemicals in Low Cost Children's Jewellery

Each day I receive Google Alerts.  These alerts tell me the latest news posted on the web, blogs and the news about a selection of my most popular search terms:  baby jewellery, children's jewellery, baby bracelets and children's bracelets.  

Barely a day goes by without a stream of articles arriving in my inbox, thanks to these alerts, about the toxic chemicals found in low cost kids' jewellery.

No doubt you've heard the furore about toxic children's jewellery flowing round the world from China and possibly other nations.  I would like to make it clear we are talking about low-cost children's jewellery found in chain stores, markets and occasionally newsagents.  Generally found on a stand, they are often extremely pretty and enticing.  Little girls love them. It's tempting to treat our children and grandchildren with these cute and cheap items. However, 50% of them contain nasties like lead, nickel, cadmium and even arsenic.  Studies have shown these chemicals have been linked in animal and some human studies to acute allergies and long-term health impacts such as birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer.

The concern is when a child puts the item in her mouth and sucks.  Babies, in particular, are especially vulnerable as they are prone to put almost anything into their mouths.

Please note:  these chemicals are NOT used in sterling silver or gold jewellery items.  

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