Buying a bracelet for a baby?

Many of us, especially those of us who haven't had babies for many years, may struggle to know what size a baby actually takes. And aren't babies all different sizes? Yes, they are! When it comes to baby bracelets, the following is a useful guide: Premmie baby: 9 or 10cm up to 12cm Newborn baby: 12cm to 13cm 6 - 9 months: 13cm 1 year: 14cm 2 - 4 years: 15cm Children over 4 years usually require a 16cm bracelet. Now, because babies don't all fit the one profile, we can achieve that perfect fit, one that won't cause the bracelet to "dangle" and catch on things, or be uncomfortably tight. Adjustable baby bangles are a great idea. Often the adjustment can extend the wear by up to 3 years. Adjustable bracelets often have two clasping points, for example 14cm and 16cm. Better yet, choose a bracelet with an open chain for example, a Rolo chain, so that you can clasp the baby bracelet closed at any point for that perfect fit and look that you see in the jewellery brochures.
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