Cambodian Jingle Bells Children's Anklets

Over the years I have come to realise these are very popular.  First of all, they are very pretty and look very sweet around a chubby ankle.  Secondly, the original reason for the Cambodians putting them on their babies and children was because the bells would tinkle wherever baby crawled or tottered.  Because some villages in Cambodia were on the edge or in the middle of, dense jungles, this was more a necessity than an item of baby jewellery.  This reason holds true for modern Mums though for less importance.  

Then the idea was taken up by certain movie stars and their babies were seen sporting the little Cambodian jingle bells anklets.  Businesses sprouted up selling them at a premium cost.  The popularity of these baby anklets floroushed.

I searched the www for some the same, or similar, at a reasonable cost.  Once or twice I've negotiated with silversmiths to manufacture them but each time the deal has fallen through.  

Once again, I am dealing with a new silversmith, who knows the story and seems (at this stage) willing to cost the job to make some of these rather special pieces of baby/children's jewellery.  It will depend on the cost as they will be made especially.  This silversmith is already making beautiful baby bangles, quite different to ones I've so far seen.  

If you're interested in one or more of these anklets, email me at and if I get enough interest, perhaps I can increase my order and bring down the cost.  

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