Children and earrings

Children's earrings are the second biggest seller, but only by a smidgeon, at Baby Jewels.  Baby bracelets are my biggest seller and we have loads of them from which to choose.  There are many reasons why children's earrings are becoming more and more popular, as gifts for girls.  

Firstly, they are a more affordable gift than children's bracelets and bangles, with most styles between $15 and $25.  Secondly, most children can't wait to get their ears pierced and this is happening at an earlier and earlier stage, including during babyhood.  

Most often, by the time a little girl has her ears pierced, she has nagged her parents for 6 months to a year!  Mothers often think caring for the ears will be time-consuming and problematic, but are usually surprised at how smoothly the healing goes.  Children from about the age of 5 can do a good job of cleaning their ears daily and they heal up very quickly.

If you purchase those first earrings in gold, silver, stainless steel or titanium, it's highly unlikely there will be an allergic reaction.

Kids really love to choose their own earrings.  Sit them in front of the computer and bring up a children's earrings site to get some idea of what they like, or let them choose for themselves.  

Children's earrings are well made, lightweight, tiny enough that they won't overwhelm a little earlobe, and are made with children in mind.  Sparkly, shiny and colourful is what kids like.

They also like little drop earrings because they love to feel their earrings move as they move.  But choose very tiny ones if you go this route.  At Baby Jewels we have some gorgeous little drop earrings, perfect for children.

Give them a little children's jewellery box to keep her earrings safe.  She will happily build up quite a collection during her childhood, added to her children's necklaces, anklets, and bracelets!

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