Children's Embellished Sleepers

Today I wanted to chat about one of the latest styles of children's earrings that are suddenly so popular, we can't keep up. Since inception, we've had embellished sleepers but they weren't big sellers. But in the last six months we have ordered and re-ordered and now have a range of 8 different styles. These include the plain sterling silver sleepers and the gold plated, sterling silver sleepers, which we've always had in stock and have always been popular. But the "embellished" sleepers have tiny, little charms hanging from the bottom of the sleeper. At present we have sleepers with a tiny Rosaline pearl, bright pink hearts, pink flowers, green crystal hearts and the crystal flower sleepers - red crystals or black crystals. It would be hard for me to name my favourite, because I love them all, but I think I love the Rosaline pearl sleepers the most. Sleeper earrings are easy for little ones to wear on a daily basis because they are easy to sleep in (no pointy bits!) and once in, are usually forgotten about. At least until people point to them, touch them and talk about how cute they are! We have baby sleepers and children's sleepers. Check them out!
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