Children's Friendship Bracelets

No doubt you've seen the thousands of cheap friendship bracelets at markets. Recently I saw a small mountain of them, mainly string and wool with a wooden or alloy charm or two, on a market stall. There must have been several thousand, all $3 each. If like me, you've wondered about these children's bracelets that are suddenly very popular (though they are re-run from the seventies, I think!) you might have been tempted. But then I looked again: alloys can contain cadmium, lead or nickel, what's in the dye used in the string, and in that wooden charm? My idea of buying one each for my little granddaughters to wear during the school holidays, disappeared. So at the time, I checked my long-term, valued, reliable suppliers, who are aware and careful not to use any toxic materials or dyes in their children's jewellery. Some even offer assays on each item, which shows me that they are aware of how important this subject is, to buyers. I found a huge array of friendship bracelets - but a more upmarket range. Instead of rope and wool, I found silk, cotton, leather, rubber. Instead of alloy, I found sterling silver. Instead of lead based crystals, I found lead-free crystals. I found much more interesting designs - hundreds of them! Very hard to choose! I came up with about a dozen styles of kids' bracelets in the friendship style which included charm style bracelets, Shamballa style bracelets and gorgeous neon, sterling silver ID plate friendship bracelets. They are now on the site and have proven very popular, some have been re-ordered. If your little girl loves friendship bracelets but you're looking for something a little more permanent than string and wool, or safer than alloys, check them out. Some are adjustable to fit babies to teens! Just do a search for friendship bracelets!
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