Children's necklaces Chain Lengths

Lately, we've had a resurgence in popularity of children's necklaces. Here at Baby Jewels, we offer several sizes in sterling silver chains on most of our baby and kids' necklaces. This is to ensure the correct length for safety purposes and to ensure the perfect "look." Length is most critical for baby necklaces. If a baby necklace is too long, it will fall forward and she will notice it and pull on it. If it's a neat, high fit, it will look gorgeous and not attract her attention. Even so, we recommend necklaces are removed when baby is put to bed. We advise a 12" chain for a baby. As she grows, the pendant can be placed on a longer chain, which we stock. We are currently out of 13" chains, but more have been ordered and should be here in the next fortnight. We recommend 13" chains for toddlers. For children from 2.5 to 6, we recommend the 14" chain. This will look perfect on a pre-schooler. From age 6 - 12, we recommend our 16" chains. Kids' necklace length is important. We often see kids with longer length chains and yes, they will be able to wear them for longer, however they will gape and hang whenever the child bends forward and can catch on things, and break. Keep them neat and keep them safe!
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