Children's Starfish Jewellery

Famous jewellery designers like Tiffany and Thomas Sabo made starfish jewellery very popular. Various styles of starfish popped up in jeweller's windows, in gold, sterling silver, mother of pearl or inset with various semi-precious gemstones. As often happens, the love of this new style, spread to children's jewellery designs. At the present time, we have starfish on silver bangles, starfish on teen's charm bracelets, stubbly starfish on small children's silver ball bracelets, a starfish necklace and starfish earrings. Judging by sales, starfish jewellery appears to be popular especially in the warmer months. In the Australian Winter, we sell starfish jewellery to the Northern Hemisphere, and during our Summer, Australians go mad on starfish jewellery.
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