European Style Children's Bracelets

Yes, we are not allowed to use the "P" word but we all know the gorgeous little blocky beads you can choose (at great cost from the jeweller) to build little bracelets that are colourful or mellow, sparkly or sophisticated.  Well, now Baby Jewels had new stock arrive today and you can now choose your own european starter bracelets (from silver, leather or rubber!)  Then, choose your own beads.  We have a nice collection to start off with, including ladybugs, rabbits, pearls, hearts, flowers and butterflies, plus spacers and colourful Murano and faceted glass beads. Type in " European" into the search box and see what comes up! 

We found that our most frequently used search phrase on the website is P... (yes the "P" word!)  Well, we call them European, in order to do the "right thing."  So if you type in that word, up will come all the European bracelets and beads.

Build your own children's bracelets in the "P" style, personalising them to suit each child.

Just another style of children's jewellery at Baby Jewels!

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