Favourite style of Baby and Children's Jewellery?

I am often asked what my favourite style of baby and children's jewellery is, which items I most like to work with. I have to say that for a time, anything new onsite, whether it be baby bracelets, children's necklaces, or baby anklets, I am enthralled at the beauty of the latest items...until the next new items arrive!

But overall I especially love baby jewellery and my favourites are baby bracelets. Recently we acquired a range of beautiful newborn, baby and toddler pearl and crystal bracelets from the US and they are simply divine. The photos cannot convey the beauty of the gleaming pearls, the softly coloured lead-free crystals and the cuteness of these tiny bracelets. I would say nobody could possibly be disappointed in such adorable jewellery! Since this range arrived, they have been my utmost favourites. I can see each and every one of these becoming treasured family keepsakes.

Having said that, I also love the children's earrings. There is such a wide variety, from animals, to classic, to starkly modern, to fun, that I believe there's something for every taste and budget there, and I do like a wide range!

I'm lucky I have three little granddaughters to test them out on!

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