First Baby Earrings

Baby earrings are becoming more popular now that mothers are having their babies' ears pierced at a much younger age than ever before.  For this reason, I felt it important to discuss the piercing of baby ears and what type of earrings are suitable for our littlies.

Firstly, I've done some research into paediatrician's advice regarding the piercing of babies' ears.  The recommendation is that piercing wait until three months.  This is to give baby a chance to build up her immune system so that if, in the unfortunate event that her ears become infected, she has the strength to fight the infection quickly.

After three months, just take the usual precautions which will be outlined at the time of piercing.  You should be supplied with, or purchase a bottle of sterilising solution.  Baby's ears should be cleaned at least once daily. 

The old advice to turn the earrings daily, no longer holds.  Wait for 30 days, then gently turn.  The piercing should be fully healed by that stage and the earring should turn easily.

There is little difference between baby and children's earrings, at least in the early years.  The rod length should be shorter than adult earrings, however, the thickness of a child's earlobes changes very little for many years, so any small children's earrings will be fine for baby.  Later, little girls might like larger earrings, but for the meantime, choose tiny earrings that don't overwhelm a tiny lobe, and ensure there are no sharp edges on the earrings.  

Choose sterling silver or gold rods or, if you can find them, stainless steel (or surgical steel.)  These metals are the most hypoallergenic and will therefore be most unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.  

Often, children's earrings come in sets with either baby bracelets or baby necklaces.  The sets look especially good for Christenings, Naming Days, Birthdays and Christmases and of course, her baby portraits.

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