First Time Earring Wearers

Many children have their ears pierced while very young but from dialogue I have with parents, the most common time to pierce is often around the age they start school. At first kids fiddle and fiddle with their new earrings and if the backs aren't on firmly enough, the back can come away easily and the earring can become lost. This can cost Mum a lot of money in the first year, replacing children's earrings as they are lost, and quickly, before the new piercing closes up. Little girls love to choose their own earrings and most have definite ideas about what they like and don't like, about children's jewellery. For this reason, we have tried to offer a wide range of styles and in various metals, though sterling silver remains our most popular due to silver being hyperallogenic without the high cost of gold. We hear over and over that little girls often lose their earrings. Usually inside the house and if the vacuum cleaner doesn't get it, the lost earring is usually found eventually, under the sofa or down the back of it, being common places they become lost. To avoid earrings getting lost all round the house, perhaps a close family member, for example, her Nanna or her Godmother, can give her the gift of a kids' jewellery box to house her new collection (because believe me, she will want several pairs!) Once she gets into the habit of taking her earrings out and putting them in their correct compartment in her jewellery box, you'll find the rate of earring loss at your house will drop. Another idea to counter earring loss, is to purchase good quality children's screw back earrings. These earrings usually require the help of Mum to put on, but the good bit is, it usually requires Mum's help to remove them, hence preventing loss due to the fact that a little girl might struggle to unscrew a tightly screwed-on earring. The extra cost is quickly countered by the fact earrings are no longer being lost.
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