Gift Packaging/cards

I am wondering how many customers would be interested in special packaging for their baby jewellery or children's jewellery gift?  I have been looking around for some really special packaging/cards/envelopes or even having some cards/envelopes especially printed for Baby Jewels.

If I go ahead with this, I may have to charge a nominal amount, say $1 or $2 to help cover costs, but I think it would make the gift even more beautiful.

I've looked into boxes, especially made for children's bracelets, children's earrings and children's necklaces, but boxes increase the cost of postage by at least 50% and I'd prefer not to do that.  So I'm thinking velvet gift bags. 

Currently we have a range of organza bags which are very pretty, but now I've seen how lovely the more expensive ones are, I'm thinking of offering a choice.  

Any suggestions welcome, either here, or via the Contact Tab.  

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