Gold Baby Bracelets

About one year ago, we received the first of our gold baby bracelets collection. This grew over the next few months as we realised that gold baby bracelets really are in demand. We also acquried some gold baby and children's earrings, some which match the bracelets. The Piccolo Italian designer 9k bracelets and earrings arrived a few months ago and are proving quite popular. We now have some 10K and 14K earrings on the site as well as the 9K bracelets. Children can be rough on their jewellery and for this reason, we recommend the strongest metals. For this reason, we haven't stocked 18K or22K which would be too soft for children. These softer metals would soon bend out of shape or become scratched. So we will be staying with 9, 10 and 14K gold jewellery. After selling sterling silver primarily, since inception, it's been a big move for Baby Jewels, but one that's been a success. We have a great range at very reasonable prices, and currently the Piccolo gold bracelets are all marked ~20% off RRP, a great time to buy.
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