Gold Baby Bracelets for Newborns

The most desirable new baby gift of all must surely be a gold baby bracelet. In the excitement of her birth, we invariably want to give her the best, the prettiest, the most memorable gift, one that hopefully, she'll treasure throughout her life and possibly even give to her own little daughter. She will show her closest friends who will marvel at how pretty it is and how tiny! Of all baby jewellery, bracelets are the most popular item. If they have an extension, they can last her up to 18 months before it's outgrown. Her gold bracelet will appear in all her earliest photos, her Christening photos and her baby portraits. It will never be forgotten. Pack in a ziplock plastic bag and occasionally, over the years, give it a polish with a jewellery polishing cloth, and it will be in beautiful condition for decades.
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