Grandson Number 3

Grandchild #7 arrived late last week and we spent the weekend minding the two older boys.  These two are very different and I expect #3 will also be his own different personality as well.

As mentioned in a previous post, one enjoys wearing his 16cm khaki woven leather boy's bracelet, but that's the only thing I can manage to get him to wear so far.  So different to my granddaughters, who would wear all their children's bracelets and necklaces and kids' anklets all at once, if allowed.  They also have their ears pierced, so children's earrings are also very popular and get changed around regularly.

So I put it to his Mum:  I have a nice little baby sized white leather newborn bracelet if you would like him to wear one.  Yes, she would, but Dad's not so keen.  So we will see...  First, give them time to be home again, back to normality, though nothing is ever "normal as we know it" again when a new baby enters the family, is it?  

I also suggested the sterling silver duck safety pin baby brooches, but I got a no to that one.  The only reason being, is the putting on and taking off his clothing, and with this one being #3, time really needs to be spent efficiently from now on.  They say it would have been appreciated if he was their first.

All of which I totally understand!

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