Happy New Year 2013!

It's New Year's Eve and thoughts turn to the events over the past year and towards 2013. Baby Jewels continued to grow and we now have nearly 500 items of baby and children's jewellery onsite. So much choice! Baby jewellery remains our biggest seller. We do like to spoil our tiniest members of the family, there's no doubt, but in so doing, we are creating memories and keepsakes forever. Baby bracelets have been our biggest sellers, followed closely by baby bangles. But all our various jewellery items have done better than ever and as we cruise into our fourth year in business, we have plenty to look forward to, despite the global downturn. We know our products are always chosen with much love, given with much love, received with much love and treasured always. Which makes it all very special for us. Wishing you all the very best year ahead ever! Stay safe and stay happy!
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