Increasing popularity of Baby Jewellery

Why is it that baby jewellery has become so very popular?  There was a time, not too long ago, maybe 20 years ago, we rarely saw babies wearing jewellery.  But today, most babies here in Australia own at least one baby bracelet and perhaps also have their ears pierced and are already accumulating their baby earring collection.

We are a throwaway society and I might venture to say that anything to do with babies seems to be more "throw away" than ever before.  I say this because once upon a time, perhaps a generation ago, baby items, including baby clothing, baby shoes,  toys, baby equipment and mother's equipment to make life with baby easier, were passed on from one child to the next, within the same family or to other families.  

Nobody wants to think their gift will be thrown out and who in their right mind, would throw out a baby bangle, a christening baby bracelet, or even just a charm?  Baby jewellery doesn't date like baby clothing.  Baby jewellery lasts longer than baby toys.  Baby jewellery gains value rather than losing it, especially sentimentally.  And it can be worn for far longer than a sleepsuit!

It's likely that your jewellery gift will be placed in a safe place for storage once outgrown, and brought out for the next baby in the family.  And kept for the next generation.  Which makes that exquisite little baby ID bracelet, a great value gift!

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