Keepsake Baby Jewellery

A few months ago, we stocked an Identity Bangle for babies. These went like hot cakes. I wrote about it at the time. We've since had further supplies of baby Identity bangles and they too, sold very quickly. It's always a risk to know what people are looking for when creating orders for new stock. But after weeks of pondering this subject and speaking to others about it, I think I know why these items were so popular. It's to do with our "throw-away society!" These bangles were keepsake items. I notice keepsake jewellery, particularly baby jewellery, is very popular. I think that in a world where we have "things" for relatively short periods only, keepsake items are considered very special. Moreso, if that keepsake item can be personalised to the recipient. There's never a better time to purchase a keepsake item, than for a brand new baby. The birth of a baby brings out the best in us. A feeling of welcoming overcomes us, a special joy that no other event gives us. We want our welcome gift to be very special, something she and her family will remember. This is one of the main reasons, I suspect, that jewellery for babies is such a popular newborn gift. But not just any jewellery, it needs to be special. It's given as a keepsake. Baby jewellery (of which baby bracelets and bangles are the most popular items) is very easily stored and never really goes out of fashion. In fact, the older the item is, the more desirable, especially to the family to which it belongs. To be able to give a daughter her bangle or bracelet that she wore in her first year of life, when she herself is creating a family of her own, is very special. And if it's engraved, as in an ID bracelet, it is all the more special.
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