Kids Earrings

When looking for new items for our Children's Earrings category, we look firstly to safety.  Kids' earrings should have a short rod, not simply a small earring, because their earlobes are finer than an adult's.  A long rod may poke into the tender area behind the ear, especially when sleeping.  The earring should be light and small enough that it doesn't overwhelm the earlobe.

What do little girls love in their earrings?  They love colour and sparkle.  Crystals in a range of colours, are popular.  Also enamelling over sterling silver, is very popular.  CZ stones too, provide sparkle.  They particularly love an earring that dangles, though that's something that not all parents look for in their children's earrings.  They also love animal, bird and insect shaped earrings.  Most popular earrings currently at Baby Jewels is the sterling silver, red enamelled ladybug earrings.  Though our green turtle earrings and butterfly earrings are also very popular.

People of all ages, but most especially children, love earrings that feature hearts.  Sparkly hearts, colourful hearts, light and dangly hearts - these are all very popular with all age-groups.  This goes for all children's jewellery.

The variety of children's earrings available is enormous, especially online.  Designers have gone "all out" and have created some beautiful earrings for children.  And kids adore their earrings.

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