Milestone Birthday Jewellery?

In recent weeks, we've had several enquiries regarding what I call "milestone" birthday jewellery. This includes charms and pendants for teenager's bracelets and necklaces, with the words, "She's 13!" or "Sweet Sixteen" or simply "18" or "21."

In response to these enquiries, (which we don't often get due to our site being mainly jewellery for babies and children,) I've been doing a search and discovered there's not a lot of this type of teenagers' jewellery available.

I have found a few, but the only one that looked really special was a sterling silver Sweet Sixteen pendant and I have ordered it to see how it goes. I'll pair it with a sterling silver 16" chain. So if you're looking for a pendant for a teenager's necklace, for when she turns 16, we will have it in about 3 weeks. It's very sweet and I think a 16 y.o. would love this piece of jewellery.

I'm now thinking age jewellery for kids might be interesting. Perhaps charms with "5" or "6" or "10" etc. might make a nice addition to her children's charm bracelet.

If you have anything to add, any advice, we would love to hear it. Just reply via the Contact Box, which is easiest.

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