Neon Shamballa

Neon Shamballa?

You must be asking yourself, what is Neon Shamballa?  Well trendies, only the latest in children's bracelet designs, suited for both babies, small girls and older girls.  You've no doubt come across Shamballa bracelets in recent times.  Traditional to some cultures, new to Western cultures, and very popular, these bracelets are now being made in baby and small children's sizes and on a tiny wrist, they look divine!

Just when we thought we were "on trend" at Baby Jewels, we now find that neon colours are back in a big way.  How did this happen - it seems only a short time (couple of decades!) that these colours went out of fashion.  Well, now they're back, in both clothing and children's jewellery. 

So, not to be left behind, we've ordered the latest thing:  neon Shamballa children's bracelets.  Bracelets that fall under the children's friendship bracelets umbrella.  Casual yet sparkly enough for the spiffiest of occasions, and over-the-top cuteness.

The first of the range are online now!

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