New Baby in the Family?

The arrival of a new baby in the family is one of life's greatest joys.  We all want to welcome the new baby and show the new mother that we are thrilled and excited.  Quite often we purchase gifts for the baby as well as the new mother.  We might choose beautiful clothing, baby equipment to make mother's life easier, or toys, for when Baby is old enough to play.  Unfortunately all of these items can be worn out, become dated or faulty.

Or we might give an item that not only Baby can wear and look beautiful in, especially in all her photos and portraits, but can be kept for future babies, or even the next generation.

Baby bracelets are the most popular type of "family heirloom" gifts.   Any baby jewellery would be appreciated by the new parents, and baby bangles and bracelets can be purchased with an extension for growth that allows for the item to be worn for a much longer time. 

Baby brooches and anklets, and even a tiny baby necklace (worn only with supervision of course) fall into the same category of heirloom gifts.  

Baby jewellery is so easy to store because it won't need anything more than a buff up with a good quality jeweller's cloth, when it's brought out of storage for the next lucky baby, even many years down the track.  It will take up very little space in a cupboard and will be something that won't become faulty or become old-fashioned over the years.  

Some parents decide they won't store their baby's first jewellery, in fact, they have it professionally framed and place it on display.  Some place these items in a special cabinet for display, along with foot and hand imprints, baby's first photos, even the hospital identity bracelet.  

Therefore, if you give the gift of baby jewellery, your gift will go on giving, possibly for generations!

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