New Grandson

Just arrived, Nathan Mark.  The third of three boys in the family.  Yes, I admit it, I was hoping for a girl, but in the end, it doesn't matter because kids are all different and have their own personalities and I always say that each new baby brings a whole new experience, whether they are the same gender or not.  

Their first two boys are very different.  Their Dad said at one stage, it's not like having two boys, it's like having two different species.  

Of course, my mind turned to baby jewellery during the pregnancy.  It would have been easier if the baby had been a girl, but we do have a dozen or so baby bracelets that are popularly bought for boys.  Our boys' leather bracelets are popular but so are our sterling silver baby ID bracelets, and various others with bees, etc. on them.  Oh yes, increasingly, mothers do love to dress their boys in jewellery.  Boys' jewellery is becoming increasingly a topic we read about, get queries about via our Contact Form and purchased via our site.

Back to the older boys.  The eldest loves boys' jewellery and his parents are happy about it.  He wears a woven leather boys bracelet in khaki and would wear more if he got the chance.  The younger one isn't interested.  

We are off to meet the new baby today!

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