New Leather Kids' Jewellery

Not so long ago, I took a chance and ordered some leather baby bracelets. We already had some for children but I was drawn to them in the tiny sizes because I thought and now know, they'd look adorable on a roly poly wrist. This, after years of sterling silver, pearls and gold, it was quite a "gulpworthy" chance to take. It was a chance that paid off because other people loved them as much as I did. The tiny pink leather baby bracelet is the most popular, with white a close second. We now have a new category especially for leather and macrame.

We now have some little cord bracelets which are adjustable in size, called Macrame Friendship Bracelets. They each have a little sterling silver charm. Charms are ladybugs, butterflies and hearts, all the most popular children's jewellery features. Aimed mostly at children around 5 - 10 years, they have proven to be popular also for babies. With the adjustment feature, they will be able to be worn for many years.

For older kids who love leather, we have a divine purple leather (double strand) friendship bracelet, which features a sterling silver heart. This one is adjustable right up to 20cm. So popular, that they have almost sold out after only 2 weeks and more have been ordered. We are stocking up this time, to get us through Christmas.

Prices are very affordable and both the leather and macrame kids bracelets wear and wear. They can also be carefully washed, to ensure they always look their best.

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