Returning to school in 2012

I'm often asked about children's jewellery, in particular, children's earrings for school children.  Each school has its own rules about earrings worn to school, and some schools don't allow them at all, but generally speaking, small and discreet, non dangly, seems to be the general rule.  

Speaking of school, we have a whole new bunch of kids off to school for the first time very shortly, and this is an exciting time for the whole family.  Grandparents might be interested in marking the occasion with a small gift which is the very reason we purchased an order of sterling silver children's bird necklaces.  These are a simple outline of a soaring bird and they are available on a 12", 13" or 14" very fine, sterling silver cable chain, or for older girls, a 16" sterling silver box chain.  Just state your chain preference in the notebox at checkout.  Visit the necklaces category.

These very special children's necklaces are the perfect gift for a little one just about to take off into the world of education.  We all hope she soars!

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