Screwbacks for Christmas

So, ok, I said we're getting some new screwback children's earrings soon.  I found some absolutely divine 14k gold children's jewellery which included a huge range of the most beautiful children's earrings in screwbacks that I'd found to date.  And I've been looking for 2 years.

They weren't cheap so I took my time and eventually placed an order for a dozen different styles, all of which I couldn't wait to lay my eyes on.  The intention was to create a new category for them on the site.  I couldn't wait to show off our new styles, and at the same time, increase our gold component on the site.

But the GFC and Fedex and the bank have conspired to make me hold off until later in the year.  Turns out the cost of paying for, and getting gold from one side of the world to the other, hardly makes it worthwhile.  But, if I was to place a larger order, the shipping/bank costs per item would lower and definitley make the order worthwhile.  We do our best to keep our prices down.

So, much as it saddens me, we have cancelled the order until at least August/September.  At that time, we're hoping to place a larger order and get our new screwbacks just in time for Christmas.  That way, we can offer the prettiest earrings for babies and children on the net, at really good prices.  

Watch this space!

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