The times are a-changing

As children, our lives were characterised by usefulness, lack of waste, re-using, and keeping treasures, but as we, in the lucky country, became progressively more affluent, "things" lost their value more and more and our city and regional "Dumps" became full of items once kept for decades, as opposed to one or two years, or even months. Quality declined, prices dropped and we felt less affinity with our "things" than ever before. We became the throw-away society. With the GFC, things began to turn round somewhat. Today, more and more, we have broken appliances repaired, and we treasure heirlooms and other precious items. The "keepsake" gift is back - or perhaps, "just arrived." Baby Jewellery, in particular, baby bracelets and baby bangles, are perfect keepsake gifts. For her to store them for decades creates very little bother and takes up very little space. They only need a buff up with a jewellery cloth to bring them back to their former glory. They don't become old fashioned - they simply become more precious. How wonderful it is to be able to pass on to your baby, a bracelet once worn by yourself. What better gift could there be?
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