The Use of Hearts in Jewellery

In baby jewellery particularly, but also children's jewellery, the most popular features to be found are hearts. At a very early stage, kids learn the significance of the "love-heart." One of their first drawings will be of a "love-heart." I think this says a lot about children and all people generally, we all care about and want, love. And the gift of jewellery is one of the most loving gifts of all. Any jewellery website will be chock full of hearts, but particularly children's jewellery. Hearts linked together or as charms on baby bracelets, children's earrings in the shape of hearts, heart pendants on children's necklaces, heart charms on baby anklets. There are many popular features besides hearts, in kids' jewellery, for example, butterflies and ladybugs, flowers and dragonflies, but the most popular jewellery of all are those items featuring hearts. If you're wondering about a jewellery item for a little girl, you really can't go past hearts. She will hold your gift in her heart, forever.
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