Too Early for Christmas?

Here it is, early September, and the beginning of Spring in Australia and Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. In Australia, we're looking forward to our daily temperatures rising, to stripping off the layers that have hugged us for the past three or four months. Somewhere in the background of our minds, the word "Christmas" is stirring. Here, Christmas means short sleeves, swimmers, shorts and thongs on our feet. It also means bringing out our favourite jewellery, and not just for ourselves, but for our children as well. Once again, our kids can show off their pretty little children's necklaces and bracelets, on bare chests and arms. Older girls will be donning their shorts and showing off their children's anklets on bare ankles and feeling very laid back and cool.

The beaches are already gaining back the throngs from previous years. The water is still cool, but warming almost daily, as the overnight temperatures begin to rise. The sand is already hot, the sky is blue and the sea is too.

Suddenly, the path I walk along several times a week, is busy again. Mums out in their leggings and figure-hugging tops and spiffy-looking joggers on their feet, pushing three wheeled strollers with babies, large and small, strapped in, watching the world go by. Middle-aged and older walkers, soaking up the views as they stroll, periodically stopping to soak it all up, on a perfect day.

Yes, it's that time we start to keep one eye open to ideas for Christmas gifts. Still, with plenty of time yet, we may only be open to sales or one-off bargains.

For those of us smitten by a beautiful new baby or precious little girl in the family, we are looking for something special. For this reason, we've recently introduced Italian children's jewellery designer, Piccolo, to our website. We currently have 8 beautiful new Piccolo baby bracelets, 6 in 9ct yellow gold, in the most stunning designs ever. For an introductory period, we've reduced the gold baby and children's bracelets by 20%, making a considerable saving on regular retail prices. We also have two new sterling silver bracelets, petite and pretty, with butterflies and hearts, for some lucky babies and little girls. If you've been looking longingly at this range elsewhere, now is the time to buy, because the savings average ~$50 at the moment.

Children's earrings have not been forgotten. We are now stocking Piccolo's top selling earrings, pink and blue butterflies, so if your little girl has recently had her ears pierced, these would be a lovely idea for her Christmas gift.

Don't forget to check out our Special Deals page as well, where we have something for babies, kids, teens and Mums, at rock bottom prices.

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