Trends in Children's Jewellery

Just like adult jewellery, children's jewellery has trends as well. Usually children's jewellery trends show up in suppliers' stock sheets shortly after we begin seeing the new trends on adult jewellery sites and jewellery stores. Kids love to follow trends so we try to keep up! What's "trending" currently? Well, the sideways cross is very hot. Teens in particular love the sideways cross styles. Pearls combined with leather is hot. Tree of Life has been very popular for some time. Infinity bracelets and Infinity necklaces are very popular now and the latest: wishbone jewellery! We currently have stocks of all these styles with more to come. The young Modern Miss loves to keep up so buying her a trendy style of children's jewellery will be well appreciated! We have sideways cross children's bracelets, we have some leather bracelets with pearls, we have tree of life children's necklaces and we have one small children's necklace with a wishbone. As always, we're keeping an eye open for future trends. Wonder what will be next?
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